Bassarid Periphery

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The Bassarid Periphery, otherwise known as Outer Bassaridia, was a collection of theocratic Hostian, vaguely Bassarid societies or nations which are not governed by the Priestess of Agripinilla, and which cannot therefore be regarded as being part of the greater collections of Bassarid states known as the Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union, despite some common characteristics and shared connections.

Bassarid Periphery

Outer Bassaridia
Location of Adarma
Location Lake Morovia, Leng, Braxia
Affiliated Countries
  1. Alperkin
  2. Iron Cult of Leng
  3. Alliance of the Bassarid Oceans
  4. The Corumian Underground


The existence of the Bassarid Periphery was first formally acknowledged in the 38.50s PSSC, when the Council of Courts was expanded by the Crown of Passio-Corum to include the office of Chief Executive of the Permanent Delegation to the Bassarid Periphery. This office was designed to oversee all diplomatic relations with nations such as Alperkin and the Iron Cult of Leng, replacing the former system in which relations with such nations - which play a highly unique role in international geopolitics with respect to the Bassarids - were managed by independent appointed delegations. The establishment of this office served to streamline affairs between the Bassarids and those nations existing on the fringes of Bassarid society. It was not, however, until the mid 41's PSSC that the Council of Courts would submit an application to the MCS Council to have to Bassarid Periphery recognized by the international governing body.


Nations which comprise the Bassarid Periphery include:

Flag Territory Capital Location Home Brokerage
Alperkin Alperkin Alpazkigz Lake Morovia General Port of Lake Morovia
Iron Cult of Leng Iron Cult of Leng Normaria Leng Port of Jangsong
Alliance of the Bassarid Oceans Alliance of the Bassarid Oceans Flagship: He Alöw Raße (Fleet of Blore Heath) Misc. Misc.
Corumian Underground The Corumian Underground Braxia Corum Port of Corumia


All countries which comprise the Bassarid Periphery are independently governed, maintaining their own systems of government and selecting their own leaders and rulers. With this said, Bassarid Periphery member states are all represented on the global stage by the Bassarid appointed Permanent Delegation to the Bassarid Periphery. The primary responsibility of this office to serve as a medium for communication between the governments of Periphery member states and foreign countries, to coordinate in response to policies adopted by the governments of Periphery member states, and to support and lobby in favor of policies favorable to Bassarid interests.

In 43.64, the Constitution of the Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union was amended such that it provided formal criteria for membership in the Bassarid Periphery.

Permanent Delegation to the Bassarid Periphery

Picture Name Title Period Notes
DelegationPeriphery.jpeg Razhtnos Awéos Chief Executive of the Permanent Delegation to the Bassarid Periphery 40.85 PSSC - Present
Fleetadmiral.jpeg Trojal Sáilize Fleet Admiral of the Alliance of the Bassarid Oceans 40.85 PSSC - Present
Alpdeledgate.jpeg Guzos Gréusu Ambassador Delegate to the Alperkin 41.26 PSSC - Present
Ironcultdelegate.jpeg Bazföt Béu Ambassador Delegate to the Iron Cult of Leng 41.26 PSSC - Present
CaveDel.jpeg Rilez o he Cazvan Chief Ambassador to the High King of the Caverns 41.14 PSSC - Present