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Port of Jangsong

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Port of Jangsong
Founded 36.89 PSSC
Headquarters Jangsong, Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa
Products Brokerage

The Port of Jangsong is a brokerage which operates as part of the Port of Vines, and which represents all of the major companies located in the city of Jangsong. The Port of Jangsong was formally established in 36.89 PSSC, as part of an effort to promote peace-time development in the city during the aftermath of the brutal Strait of Haifa Campaign.

Company List

Company Flag Company Name Company Description Date Established Notes
Hatch Ministry Hatch Ministry Founded in northern Keltia in the aftermath of the departure of Captain Ismael Hatch from the city of Jangsong, the Hatch Ministry is an order or fearsome arctic pirates who regard Hatch as a prophet of Dionysus, sent to spread the word of the Stripping Path to the far north. In support of this belief, practitioners highlight Hatch's unique ability to survive multiple journeys through the haunted wastes of the northern Strait of Haifa as a testament to his status as a divine figure.

In the early 36.60's privateers associated with the Hatch Ministry played an important role in offsetting the role of Shireithian Sea-Rovers operating in the Great Western Sea and eastern Taylor Bay. Operating from the Gulf of Jangsong as far east as the waters surrounding the Brettish Isles, these privateers targetted goods passing between SANE-controlled territories in northern Keltia. In response to these, and other instances of maritime harassment, the Sxiro-Natopian allies introduced a defensive convoy system under the direction of SATCo. With a loss of prospects at sea following the establishment of Satco, many members of the Hatch Ministry returned to land in order to fight, and to raid, along the warriors of the Jogi Regiment. Fighting alongside the Jogi Regiment, the Hatch Ministry primarily sought to capture prisoners who could be ransomed or sacrificed.

As an official sponsored militia of the New Zimian War League, the Hatch Ministry is the largest and best equipped of the various pirate fleets affiliated with the Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa.

Pirates who sail under the banner of the Hatch Ministry are widely regarded for their extensive consumption of the psycho-active wine produced by the Blood Vineyards of the Far North.

In the 41.60s, communities of privateers associated with the Hatch Ministry began to establish small settlements along uninhabited coasts of Nova England. These new settlements would allow them to significantly expand operations in Northeastern Keltia, and across the Great Western Sea, where they operated along trade routes connecting the Bassarid settlement of Arcadia to the Iron Cult of Leng.

Camel Herders of the Jangsong Province Camel Herders of the Jangsong Province An ancient tribe of nomads who roam the deeply haunted, frozen wilderness surrounding the city of Manduay, the Camel Herders of the Jangsong Province retain a spiritual belief that the consumption of camel meat can help protect travelers along the northern Strait of Haifa from the region's parasitic Will o' Wisps. Food
Hapsmark-May Hydroelectric Powerplant Hapsmark-May Hydroelectric Powerplant Constructed at the turn of the 37th era PSSC, the Hapsmark-May Hyrdoelectric Powerplant provides electricity to the city of Jangsong, as well as most of the Bassarid Kingdom of New Normark. Energy
Ministers of Mistress Mugwort Ministers of Mistress Mugwort A radical ascetic order of the Däkengha Paß, the religious practices of the Ministers of Mistress Mugwort are defined by the ecstatic ritual consumption of the remembering flower, which is revered for its ability to induce the recollection of extremely vivid dreams and visions, and of the forgetting flower, which is revered for its ability to induce forgetfulness and absent-mindedness. Misc.
Harpy-Sky Airways Harpy-Sky Airways Harpy-Sky Airways connects residents of Jangsong to even the furthest-flung reaches of the Bassarid Trade Empire. Other/Misc.
HuntersoftheGiantPenguin Hunters of the Giant Fanged Penguin The Hunters of the Giant Fanged Penguin are a collective of hunters who are specially trained in the art of preying upon the giant predatory sea-birds who inhabit the Gulf of Jangsong. Other/Misc.
Norse-Elijaian Intelligence Agency Norse-Elijaian Intelligence Agency An order of Norse and Natopian practitioners of the Stripping Path who converted to the religion during the period of terror inflicted upon Elijah's Rest during the Strait of Haifa Campaign, the Norse-Elijaian Intelligence Agency provides lucrative compensation for Natopian citizens who risk life and limb to promote the interests of the Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa in the far north.

Working closely with Stripping Path Communities embedded in the rural reaches of Elijah's Rest, the Norse-Elijaian Intelligence Agency played a central role in helping to resettle displaced peoples from Ardclach in the aftermath of the Ardclach Orbital Strike.

Hellhound Breeders of Dragevik Hellhound Breeders of Dragevik

Deep in the dark wastes of the far northern Guardian Deadlands, the native peoples of the former Presidential Republic of Høgmårk raise a breed of canine renowned across the Lindley Sea for its incredible savagery and intelligence.

Order of Consecration Order of Consecration The Order of Consecration is an order of the Stripping Path which serves to facilitate the consecration of marriages between Haifan men and Natopian women in Elijah's Rest and cities around the Gulf of Jangsong. The order, much more infamously, is responsible for the ritualistic wholesale slaughter of Natopian men and relatives of Natopian men in the region who oppose the Stripping Path. Religious
Council of Elijah's Strippers Council of Elijah's Strippers The Council of Elijah's Strippers is an order of Natopian politicians who have committed to the practice of the Stripping Path, and who are allied with the subversive forces which have fostered a radical expansion of the Stripping Path across northern Keltia during the Elijah's Rest Campaign. With that said, the Council of Elijah's Rest is active in all Natopian cities across northern Keltia. Religious
The Dark Alliance The Dark Alliance The Dark Alliance is an order of false followers of the Alliance of the Higher Paths who seek to disrupt at the source, funds and resources channeled to opponents of the Stripping Path. Religious
Iron Cult of Leng Iron Cult of Leng The Iron Cult of Leng is an order of the Stripping Path which was established by Haifans, who during the Strait of Haifa Campaign were enslaved by the Natopian government, and were forced to work in the iron mines of the arctic isle of Leng. Originally a secretive and illegal cult which practiced exclusively in the deepest, darkest recesses of the island's iron mines, the Iron Cult emerged to the surface following the abandonment of Leng by SANE forces, and now controls the western portion of the frozen island. Religious
High Secret Order of the Stripper Seekers High Secret Order of the Stripper Seekers The Order of the Stripper Seekers is a secret community of radical Haifan sympathizers within the Order of the Super Secret Stripper Seekers, whose existence was initially denied by the Dozan Bovic Church, which prides itself on its ability to indoctrinate and radicalize its members. Responsible for subverting the efforts of the Natopian religious authority aimed at stifling the expanse of the Stripping Path in Elijah's Rest, it is believed that around one-third of the anonymous self-contained cells affiliated with the OSSSS contain at least a few members who maintain a secret, illicit allegiance to the High Secret Order.

Despite its initial policy of denying the existence of the High Secret Order, the government of Natopia was forced in 36.83 PSSC to acknowledge the presence of Haifan spies within the Order of the Super Secret Stripper Seekers, which the Natopian government had attempted to portray as being infallible and incorruptible. This acknowledgement marked the beginning of a Public-relations campaign by the government of Natopia, which claimed that the integrity of its intelligence agencies had not been compromised through foreign infiltration. The campaign had little success in reassuring the people of Elijah's Rest, who found themselves directly threatened by the existence of the High Secret Order.

Blood Vineyards of the Far North Blood Vineyards of the Far North The Blood Vineyards of the Far North are responsible for the production and sale of a highly unusual type of wine which is flavored with the blood of voluntary human sacrifices - mostly radicalized Normarkian converts to the Bassarid Faith - and which is often consumed in ritual conjunction with large quantities of the amanita muscaria mushroom. The wine produced by the Blood Vineyards is a favorite of the pirates who sail in affiliation with the Hatch Ministry. Food

Product List

Company Product Standard Price
Prices High Prices Normal Prices Low Prices Unchanging
Hatch Ministry Lievs .93 / Share .83/Share
Prisoners .1 / Share .09/Share
Camel Herders of the Jangsong Province Camels 3 / Share 2.7/Share
Camel Meat 100lbs / Share 90/Share
Camel Milk 15kl / Share 13.5/Share
Camel Hump Water 10kl / Share 9/Share
Camel Hump Water Tea 2.5kl / Share 2.25/Share
Hapsmark-May Hydroelectric Powerplant Electricity 900kwh / Share 810/Share
Ministers of Mistress Mugwort Remembering Flower (Mugwort) .65Tons / Share .058/Share
Forgetting Flower (Cannabis) .85Tons / Share .76/Share
Harpy-Sky Airways Flights (Jangsong <-> Lucíusu) .686 Flights/Share X
Flights (Jangsong <-> Blore Heath) .258 Flights/Share X
Flights (Jangsong <-> Zidü Wéazde) .359/Share X
Flights (Jangsong <-> Norasht) .679 Flights/Share X
Flights (Jangsong <-> Pallisical Port Felix) .874 Flights/Share X
Hunters of the Giant Fanged Penguin Giant Fanged Penguin Blubber 25lbs/Share 22.5/Share
Giant Fanged Penguin Blubber Oil Extract 5lbs/Share 4.5/Share
Norse-Elijaian Intelligence Agency Spies .013 / Share .011
Haifan Loyalists .025 / Share .022/Share
Bribed Authorities .033 / Share .0297/Share
Urban Secret Temples .001 / Share .0009/Share
Woodland Shrines .005 / Share .0045/Share
Human Sacrifices Moratorium Imposed 38.68 PSSC NA/Share
Servants 50 / Share 45/Share
Stolen Vehicles Moratorium Imposed 38.68 PSSC NA/Share
Hellhound Breeders of Dragevik Hellhound (Scout) .025 / Share .022/Share
Hellhound (Scout) .05 / Share .045/Share
Hellhound (Spy) .15 / Share .135/Share
Order of Consecration Haifo-Natopian Babies Moratorium Imposed 38.68 PSSC NA/Share
Council of Elijah's Strippers Corrupt Politicians .0005 / Share N/A
The Dark Alliance Priestesses .666 / Share .599/Sharee
Lievs 1.3 / Share 1.17/Share
Iron Cult of Leng Followers of the Iron Cult .072 / Share .007/Share
Iron 1.5 Tons / Share 1.35/Share
Dehydrated Lichen 2lbs / Share 1.8/Share
Benacian Bassaridian Missionaries .03 / Share .026/Share
Fermented Lichen Juice 3 Kl / Share 2.7/Share
High Secret Order of the Stripper Seekers Followers of the High Secret Order .0085 / Share N/A
Blood Vineyards of the Far North Blood Wine .75kl / Share .675/Share

List of Investors

Investor Name Shares Owned Percentage of Shares Owned
Council of Courts 25,000 11.9%
New Zimian War League 25,000 11.9%
Region of the Center 0 0%
Region of the East 0 0%
Region of the West 0 0%
New Zimian Temple Authority 5,000 2.3%
Wallis Island 20,000 9.5%
Domain of the North Antarctic 0 0%
Realm of Bayen 0 0%
Realm of Redwood-Brugge 0 0%
Dependency of Tanah-Baru 0 0%
Eastern Eura Trade Association 0 0%
New Zimian Merchant Marines 10,000 4.7%
Realm of Alphaville 0 0%
Passas 25,000 11.9%
Zibertian Societies 0 0%
Zimian Societies 0 0%
Passasian Societies 0 0%
Corum Electric 0 0%
Passasian Unincorporated Territory 0 0%
Province of the River Erik 0 0%
Blore Heath 0 0%
Jogi 0 0%
Mylecia 0 0%
Rouge 0 0%
Vaeringheim 0 0%
Pallisican Pretender Government of Elijah's Rest 15,000 7.1%
Florian Republic 0 0%
Corumian Underground 0 0%
Imab Army 0 0%
Hatch Ministry 1,500 .71%
Pallisican Primary Contingency Zone 0 0%

Recent Employment Reports

Year Number of People Employed Total Paid in Wages Average Wages/Person Total Value of Company Production Modifier
39.60 PSSC 2,732,845 155,770 .06 511,875 Surplus (+20%)
39.40 PSSC 2,717,785 156,637 .06 511,875 Crime (-10%)
39.20 PSSC 2,794,276 161,389 .06 511,875 Crime (-20%)
39.00 PSSC 2,086,989 138,623 .07 437,500 Floods (-10%)
38.80 PSSC 2,208,562 143,734 .07 437,500 Floods (-10%)
38.60 PSSC 2,174,344 147,282 .07 437,500 Surplus (+20%)
38.40 PSSC 702,941 79,645 .11 437,500 Crime (-10%)
38.20 PSSC 312,500 41,070 .08 312,500 Crime (-10%)
38.00 PSSC 484,177 56,743 .12 375,000 Epidemic (-20%)
37.60 PSSC 327,262 17,955 .05 190,000 Drought (-40%)
37.40 PSSC 206,163 18,553 .09 190,000 Crime (-10%)
37.20 PSSC 199,649 18,718 .09 190,000 Heatwave (-10%)
37.00 PSSC 212,977 19,681 .09 190,000 None (-0%)