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Port of Vines

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Established in 36.78 PSSC, the Port of Vines is an international marketplace which serves as the basis for trade between the various Associate Domains of the Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union and foreign allies and trade partners.


The Port of Vines functions on the basis of the economic principles outlined in 29.87 by the Hammish-Pallisican intellectual and political leader, Opyeme Time, in his essay entitled A Sustainable Economy. The Port is the third major international marketplace to be based on Time's economic theories. To this end, it is preceded by Grand Duke National Mall, formally established prior to 35 PSSC, and by the Port of Storms which replaced Grand Duke National Mall in 35.25.

List of Companies Housed in the Port of Vines

Company Logo Company Name Regions Represented Price / Share Average Worker Salary Company Value
CorumiaFlag.png Port of Corumia Associate Domain of Corumia 15.22 Polis 72.04 Polis 1,794,947,456 Polis
Euranidom.png Port of Euranidom Associate Domain of Euranidom 11.22 Polis 118.23 Polis 1,303,000,423 Polis
SouthKeltiania.png Southern Port of Keltiania Associate Domain of Southern Keltiania 28.21 Polis 118.17 Polis 3,281,825,487 Polis
PortofBassaridHaifa.png Port of Haifan Keltiania Associate Domain of Haifa-Bassaridia 5.39 Lievs 18.64 Lievs 626,995,303.17 Polis
CSA flag.png New CSA Common Market CSA 8.14 Credits - Credits - Polis