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Crown of Passio-Corum

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List of Crowns

Picture Name Title Period Notes
Kinglucieniv.jpg King Lucien IV 753 - 799 WG

Evahn.png Queen Evahn I 799 WG - 853 WG
  • The last heir of the dynasty of King Lucien I, Evahn I played a central role in the expansion of Pallisican interests into Eura and Keltia.
Espervect.png Queen Esper I 853 WG - 905 WG
  • The first of the Oracle Monarchs, Esper I oversaw the formal extension into and ultimate annexation of Passas.

Passiocrown.png Opyeme Amor 905 WG - 35.20 PSSC

Kanzenportrait.png Kan Zen 35.25 PSSC - Present

Crown Jewels

Picture Name Title Period Notes
Crown21.jpg Wovusu Crösacío (Woven Crown)
  • Imperial State Crown
35.99 PSSC - Present
  • Formally adopted by Empress Kan Zen in 35.99 PSSC, the Woven Crown - as the center-piece of coronation regalia - is made from gold mined Chelkran Kesh during the era of Gralun rule in the region, and features in-laid gemstones including rubies and sapphires mined in central Keltia, as well as Beaugiun pearls from the region now claimed by the Realm of Alphaville.