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For the pre-existing state, see Holy Ralgon State of Valora.

The Dominion of Valora
Flag of Valora (common)
Coat of Arms of Valora (common)
Coat of Arms
Motto: Strength and Honor
Anthem: Dawn Comes Again
Location of Valora (common)
Map versions ???
Capital Yixing
Largest city Yixing
Official language(s) Draconian (official)
Standard (most common)
Official religion(s) Draconic
Demonym Ralgon (official)
Valorian (co-official; common)
 - Adjective Ralgon (official)
Valorian (co-official; common)
Government Constitutional Elective Monarchy
 - Prince Benimaru Ral VIII
 - Viceroy Duke Hikaru Valorum
 - Legislature Imperial Senate
Establishment Winter, 228 AN
October 23rd, 2018 (est. in Micras)
Area NA
Population 16,454,144 (1723 AN)
Active population NA
Currency Imperial Federation Guilder (£)
Time zone(s)
Mains electricity
Driving side
Track gauge
National website
National forum
National animal hydra
National food crocodile meat
National drink black wine
National tree giant durian tree
Abbreviation VAL

Valora is known officially as the "Imperial Dominion of Valora" or to some of the international community as "North Valora" among those south of the border with South Valora, where descendants of the exiled Draeg'ar Ral IX rule a tiny rump state under the auspices of Mondo. Currently, Valora is a Dominion of the Imperial Federation, presiding over the subordinated territories of North Valora, West Valora, and the island of Tar-Palantir from its capital of Yixing.

The current territory was formed after the Conquest of Valora by the winning side of the Ralgon War of Succession that saw a final end in 1715 AN. The principality is headed by Prince Benimaru Ral VIII, a nephew of independent Valora's erstwhile ruler, Draeg'ar Ral IX. The head of government is also the head of the Valorum Family, the most prominent noble family of the various Valoran polities that dotted Northwest Cibola before their ephemeral unification under Draeg'ar IX.