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Flag of Lostisland

The Republic of Lostisland was founded on 4th of September 2010 by two Russian students – Yaroslav Mar and Stepan Ignatiev .


The word Lostisland came from Lost Island, which is the English translation of the name of Russian roleplay game “Потéрянный Óстров” (Potéryannyj Óstrov).


In the year 2008 Yaroslav Mar, later Captain Regent of the Republic of Lostisland, joined the roleplay game Potéryannyj Óstrov. Soon the administrator of the Potéryannyj Óstrov retired, and Yaroslav Mar became the administrator. In the year 2009 Stepan Ignatiev, later second Captain Regent of the Republic of Lostisland joined the game. Yaroslav Mar and Stepan Ignatiev together tried to develop the roleplay game, but they didn’t succeed. Little by little they began to appear the idea of starting their own micronation. It put into reality in September 4th 2010, when the accepted constitution of the Republic of Lostisland has been published in the official website. Soon after declaring independence Lostisland established many intermicronational relations with Russian and foreign micronations. 13th November 2010 began a new turn in the history of Lostisland – it entered to the Single Union – first Russian confederation of micronations, which include also Northern Empire, Empire of Neustria and People’s Democratic Republic of South Orley. Yaroslav Mar became a High Representative for Foreign Affairs of the Single Union, and later the Chairman.

Government & Politics

At this moment the government system of Lostisland is not very well developed. It contains two equal Captains Regent and three ministries – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Civil Aviation. It is planned that the Ministry of Civil Aviation will start national airline of Lostisland, which will work via Microsoft Flight Simulator in the nets VATSIM or IVAO.

Law & Order

As an interim measure, all judustical, executive and legislative branches belongs to Captains Regent. The Republic of Lostisland has some laws, which include Constitution, Civil Code, Citizenship Law, Economical Code and Land Code. Civil, Economical and Land Codes are equal for all members of the Single Union.

Foreign Relations

The Republic of Lostisland has many foreign relations with other micronations. Below is the list of allies of Lostisland:

  • Republic of Alcatraz
  • Princedom of Baltia
  • Northern Empire
  • Empire of Neustria
  • Kingdom of Truth
  • Russian Social-Democratic Republic
  • People's Democratic Republic of South Orley
  • Kingdom of Weissland


At this moment, Lostisland doesn’t has any military or army. It is planned to organize People’s Self-Defence Force


The Republic of Lostisland is a center of Russian micronational economics. On Lostisland is is located the Market of the Single Union and the Central Bank of the Single Union. As a member of the Single Union, Lostisland uses universal currency – Eus.


The Republic of Lostisland at this moment doesn’t have any cultural activities, but it is planned to make Lostisland one of most cultural micronations of RuNet.


Lostisland a joint newspaper with the Northern Empire – it is called Northern Herald. It is the only English newspaper, which tells about news and events in Russian micronational life.

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