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People's Republic of Freeland
Republika Ludowa Frelandii
Flag of Freeland
Coat of Arms of Freeland
Coat of Arms
Location of Freeland
Map versions 16.0.4 - 17.0.0
Capital Viten
Largest city Viten
Official language(s) Freelandic
Common Tongue
Official religion(s)
Demonym Freelandic
 - Adjective Freelandic
Government Republic
 - President Jakub Baran
 - Vice-President Daniel Horowski
 - Legislature National Council
Establishment 1653
Population 1,200,000 (last census)
Active population 32
Currency Zloty
Time zone(s)
Mains electricity
Driving side
Track gauge
National website none
National forum none
National animal Eagle
National food Pierogi Ruskie
National drink Vodka
National tree
Abbreviation PRF, PF

Freeland, officially the People's Republic of Freeland (Freelandic: Republica Ludowa Freelandii), was a micronation located in the north-east of Apollonia. Its capital and largest city was Viten, with other well-known cities including Glavat, Pnica and Kłomina. Its president for its entire time on Micras was Jakub Baran, who was also a football player. Its population was last recorded at 1,200,000 people and it had 32 real citizens.

It first reported its existence in 1653 AN and was registered by the MCS around 1654 AN. Freeland showed great interest in sports throughout its existence, introducing a number of famous sportspeople during its existence. In addition, road transportation was also in a developed position compared to other countries.

The nation went through turbulent times in its latter days; the first time the government collapsed in 1677 AN, after which it made an intense effort to exist again, while the second existed for twenty years, before it collapsed in 1687 AN. Since its departure from Micras, in the 1700s, Angsax occupied Freeland's previous western lands, and a nation called Vegno emerged to the east and covered most of the former Freeland territory.


The Republic of Freeland was founded on 25th April 2016 by Polish student Jakub Baran. Freeland is a micronation which claims land on Apollonia near Stormark.

The government in Freeland is democratically elected.

Goverment and politics

President: Jakub Baran

Vice-President: Daniel Horowski

Minister of foreign relations: No one

Prime minister: Filip Augustyniak

Tourist and Sport Minister: Jakub Majczak

Media Minister: Dominik Barczewski

Minister of E-Sport: Filip Miłek

Finance and bank minister: Bartosz Lubaszka

Minister of Culture Kacper Michalak

Minister of Defence Damian Kraczyński

Teretorial Minister Szymon Łatka

Political parties in The National Council of the PRF

KWW Lepsza Polska - KWW Better Poland

Leader Mr. media minister Dominik Barczewski - vice-chairman

Mr. E-Sport minister Filip Miłek

Mr. Chairman of the National Council PRF

Mr. Minister of Culture Piotr Maciejewski - vice-chairman

Mr. Prime Minister and sport minister Filip Augustyniak

Mr. Finance and bank minister Bartosz Lubaszka

Freelandzka Partia Robitnicza - Freeland Workers' Party

Leader Mr. president Jakub Baran

Mr. Boss of PRoFFA Wiktor Rzeziński

Minister of Culture Kacper Michalak

Mr. Vice-president Daniel Horowski

Bezpartyjni - No parties


Freeland Armed Forces

Equipment of Freeland Armed Forces

Companies in Freeland


In Freeland are three levels of education. Primary education, Secondary education and Higher education. Its also University of Viten.

Television and radio


Robert Laskowski is the famous football player in PRF.

Freeland national football team

Freeland national ice hockey team

Freeland national floorball team

Superklasa PRF

1. Liga PRF

2. Liga PRF

Freelandzka Hokej Ekstra Liga: FHEL

Freelandzka Liga Unihokeja

Visa requirements for Freeland citizens

Social networking site

PRF has its own social network, PRFbook. After registering and accepting the account by the moderator, you can write with your friends, watch PRF1, exchange photos, etc.