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GunTech is gun production corporation located in Freeland.

Freeland Special Forces lodaut

Primary: AAC Honey Badger, in FRP its typical to see AAC Honey Badger with ACOG sight and red laser. AAC Honey Badger is a Personal Defense Weapon baced on the knows AR-15, the Honey Badger have a 7.62x35 caliber.

Secondary: Glock 17 with flashlight Glock 17 is a small arm, that have 9mm caliber.

Secondary (for team leader): ALFA-PROJ Model 3561 ALFA-PROJ Model 3561 is a revolver with a .357 caliber.

And they are using flashbangs and handgranades, and sometimes granade launchers.

Freeland Military Lodaut

Primary: Armalite AR-100, Armalite AR-100 is and older version off AR-18. Armalite AR-100 have a 5.56x45mm caliber, and the Armalite AR-100 is and older version off AR-18, and its been used in NATO Forces.

Secondary: Armalite AR-24K/13C Armalite AR-24K/13C have the same caliber as Glock 17, it looks like m9 have been mixed with colt 1911.

Sniper rifles: OBR SM Tarnów, OBR SM Tarnów is a Polish bolt-action sniper rifle that have been produced in 1993 in Poland Sniper Practice Training Rifle:Tsar-Cannon Ltd, Tsar-Cannon Ltd is a Russian bolt-action sniper rifle

The military have also a Grom missile launcher, that is a Polish Rocket Launcher, and LM 60 thats a polish Morta, and M67 grenades that is American granade.