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Crowndomain of the Benneluccas
Flag of Crowndomain of the Benneluccas
Coat of Arms of Crowndomain of the Benneluccas
Coat of Arms
Motto: 'Libertate Unanimus'
Anthem: '
Location of Crowndomain of the Benneluccas
Regional Capital Ruhatyn
Official language(s)
 - Type lordship
 - Leader Hendrik Leopold des Vinandy
Time zone(s) CMT+5

Beneluccas (Dutch: Benelukken), officially the Crowndomain of the Benneluccas (Dutch: Kroondomein der Benelukken), is a lordship within the Kingdom of Batavia. The lordship is located between the Captive Sea and the Sea of Storms. It consists of an archipelago of islands that are counted among the Skerry Isles.

The archipelago of the Beneluccas consists of three main islands with a further 172 smaller islands. The northern island is under the Calbion flag, while the southern islands are under the Batavian flag. There are also two western islands, near West Skerry and Sri Pashana. The capital Ruhatyn is located on the island of Minat.


The name "Beneluccas" is a contraction of the first two letters of Belgium Netherlands and the addition of a derivative of Jazirat al-Muluk, which means "Island of Kings". The name was created by Erwin V.H.

First detailed map of the Beneluccas


In 1568 Flanders acquired the shared sovereignty over the Beneluccas. The other owner was New Cognito. After a long-drawn conflict over the property rights with the Ashkenatza Republic, Flanders and Ashkenatza closed the Treaty of Ruhatyn in 1592. In this, the management of the part of Ashkenatza was transferred to Flanders. The Flemish part formed the fifth region of Flanders. But Ashkenatza ceased to exist in 1607, as a result of which an uncertain period arose for the archipelago. In 1649, Flanders ceased to exist. A turbulent time of anarchy arose.

In the years 1651 to 1660 the Southern Beneluccas came under the banner of Republic of Gerenia. And in 1663 the northern Beneluccas came under the banner of New Calbion, but that did not last for a Norton year.

Until in 1667 the Congress of the Beneluccas was organized. In order to unify the archipelago and put an end to anarchy, Congress has decided to establish a Kingdom. Because Erwin V.H. is no longer active, Congress has gone looking for another candidate. The choice fell on Margaery des Vinandy.

After the fall of the Franco-Batavian Empire, the Beneluccas faded into The Green. It was only in 1692 AN that Calbion claimed the northern island, after which Batavia claimed the remaining islands.