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Sikatadesh Rajya


Princely state of Çakaristan
Seal of the Sikatadesh Rajya
Subdivision Princely state
Capital Kalaghar
Largest cities Kalaghar
Raja Amanbir Thahal
Languages Adarani
Time Zone CMT

Çakaristan symbol.png

Sikatadesh, officially the Sikatadesh Rajya (Adarani: सुनेहरा राज्य), is a princely state of Çakaristan, located between the Monalan Parvat (Monlan Mountains) and Saphed Pahade (White Mountain). In the Antican period, the area was part of Mesoun. Later the borders were determined when the area existed as Skiron under Antican flag. After the area reverted to the Green, it became part of Çakaristan as a princely state in 1693 AN.


The name " Sikatadesh" is composed of "Sikata" meaning ‘sandy’ and "desh" meaning ‘country’. This is a reference to the desert-like landscape of the area. This is also reflected in the flag of the princely state, which depicts the sand dunes with a dromedary, a common animal in the area.