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Lake Jodha

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Lake Jodha


Basic details

Surface area 94,176 km2
Shore length 1,252 km
Max. length 396 km
Max. width 360 km


Location Apollonia
Coordinates 123°N 77°E

Lake Jodha is the fourth largest freshwater lake on the continent of Apollonia.

The lake is named after Jodha Avchat, the sultana of Çakaristan, by Hasan Çakar. Hasan named the lake after her as a political compromise on the various existing names.


There are some mysteries surrounding the existence of the lake. On the blank map and the most recent physical map the lake was not drawn, while on other versions the lake did exist. On the claim map, however, the lake is always depicted.

The lake missing on the recent physical map
The lake was drawn on an earlier version

Other names

Because the lake was not drawn on the physical map, there was no universal name for the lake. As a result, the occupiers of the land around the lake always gave their own names to the lake. The common name is "Lake Leve", after the city on the lake called Levaprasth.

In the story about the mission of Hasan Çakar the lake also had the name "Blue Lake", because of the colour of the water and the name of another town called Keruliya, formerly Caerulea.