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Poorajangal Rajya

पुरजांगल राज्य

Princely state of Çakaristan
Seal of the Poorajangal Rajya
Subdivision Princely state
Capital Liburnia
Largest cities Keruliya
Population 21,088,346
Raja Rajesh Avchat
Languages Adarani
Time Zone CMT+1

Çakaristan symbol.png

Poorajangal, officially the Poorajangal Rajya (Adarani: पुरजांगल राज्य), is a princely state of Çakaristan, located between the Saphed Pahade (White Mountain) and Lake Jodha in the west and the Green Border and the Antican Sea in the east. In 1689 AN the eastern part of the area was claimed and in 1693 AN the western part.


The name “Poorajangal” means ‘complete jungle’, a direct reference to the landscape of the princely state.