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Korhalistan Rajya

कोरहलिस्तान राज्य

Princely state of Great Apollonia
Flag of the Korhalistan Rajya
Location of Korhalistan Rajya on the map
Community Çakari Community
Subdivision State
Capital Çakarabad
Largest cities Manbai
Area 696,888 km2
Population 44,484,758 (estimation in 1698)
Raja Manikarnika Tambe
rani reejent
Anand Çakar
formal raja
Legislature Rajya Sabha (Council of the Kingdom)
Languages Common Tongue (administrative)
Adarani (official)
Time Zone CMT+1
Driving side left

Coa Apollonian Empire small.png

Korhalistan, officially the Korhalistan Rajya (Adarani: कोरहलिस्तान राज्य), is a state of Great Apollonia, located between Lake Jodha in the north, Dyre Straits in the south and the Green Border in the east.

The name Korhal first appears on the map in 1534 AN. The area was under the Antican flag at the time. After the area had fallen to the Green and foreign occupation for a period, the area again acquired its own identity and the name Korhal returned as Korhalistan.


Korhalistan borders Poorajangal to the north, Ardnusur and Hasanistan to the east and Floria and Haritdesh to the west.

Detailed map

Detailed map of Korhalistan, click to enlarge