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Hasan Çakar

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Hasan Çakar
Full name Hasan Çakar
AKA Wanderer in the Green
Physical information
Species Human
Race Hasanis
Gender Male
Hair color and style Black
Eye color Brown
Skin color White
Other moustache
Biographical information
Father Ümit Çakar
Mother Hamida Banu
Date of birth 1665
Place of birth Šer-Ku-Riž, Krasnocoria
Date of death 1694
Place of death Bhavybai, Çakaristan
Residence(s) Çakarabad
Nationality Çakari
Allegiance(s) Çakaristan
Occupation Raja of Korhalistan

Hasan Çakar (Arboric: حسن‎) (1665 - 1694) was Raja of Korhalistan.

Early years

Hasan was born on 6.I.1665 AN in Šer-Ku-Riž. He is the first son of Ümit Çakar and Hamida Banu. Because his father was one of the leaders of the rebellion against the Kingdom of Krasnocoria in the Hasani War (1680 - 1685 AN) he had to go into hiding. In the course of this rebellion, Hasan also took part. The exact manner of participation is not public.

He emerged as a skillful diplomat and strategist during the Sylvanian National Awakening (1687 - 1689 AN). He organised the association of tribes from The Green and led the troops. His negotiations linked Jodha Avchat to the future ruler of the new state. Despite being the eldest son, his younger brother was elected sultan, who married Jodha Avchat.

Mission: Shuddh Butg Par

Mission: Shuddh Butg Par

At the end of the Sylvanian National Awakening, the sultanate acquired territory west of the so-called Green Border. The Green Border is the original western border of Krasnarus. Hasan was given a mission by the sultan to expand the sultanate to the west. The main objective was to annex the former Aryasht. The area between the Green Border and the former Aryasht can count Hasan as his Rajya (kingdom).

By the end of 1690 Hasan had added eastern Poorajangal, Korhalistan and small parts of Haritdesh to the sultanate. This enabled him to set up his government in Çakarabad for the government of Korhalistan. On his visit to Manbai he met Manikarnika Tambe, with whom he has a relationship. In 1692 AN he married Manikarnika Tambe. The couple was blessed with the birth of a son, Anand, in 1694 AN.

During his mission to annex Bulqan, Hasan was shot dead.