Hasani War

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Hasani War
Location of Hasanistan
Date 25 January 2020 – present
Location Krasnocoria (primarily Hasanistan and Noganistan)
Status Ongoing
Hasanis Hasanis

Flag of al-Hasaniya.png Al-Hasaniya
Krasnocoria Coriak mercenaries
Flag of Anbar.png Nogan mercenaries

Krasnocoria Krasnocoria

5thOctArmy.png 5th of October Army

Nidobhinivukovi.png Nídobhá's Wolves

Commanders and leaders
Hasanis Ümit Çakar
Hasanis Hasan Çakar
Hasanis Aykut Kökgül
Flag of al-Hasaniya.png TBD
Krasnocoria TBD
Flag of Anbar.png TBD
Krasnocoria Jovan I
Krasnocoria Obrad Bošković
Krasnocoria Imel Herde
Krasnocoria Buben Prukupič
Nidobhinivukovi.png Brzi Jokleðe
5thOctArmy.png Neđo Borisov

The Hasani War is a civil war currently occurring in Krasnocoria, primarily in the regions of Hasanistan and Noganistan.


Hasanistan autonomy

Hasani unrest