Ümit Çakar

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Ümit Çakar (born 1637 in Hasanistan, Apollonia) is a Krasnocorian Hasani academician, politician and activist, who is the chairman of the Hasani National Council pressure group and Professor of Sociology at the University of Šer-ku-Riž.

Married to Hamida Banu. Father of Hasan Çakar (1665–1694), Amir Çakar (1667– ) and Abu Çakar (Akbar) (1669– ). Abu Çakar is the reigning Sultan of Çakaristan.


Academic career

Political activism


Çakar is a controversial figure within both the Hasani independence movement and the wider population of Krasnarus. Within the independence movement, some refer to him as one of its wisest and most important figures while others refer to him as a liability to the movement and criticize his eccentric behavior.