5th of October Army

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Branili smo kućni prag,
da nam dođe ko je vrag.
Da nam dođu slavni preci,
ljuta šljivo sad poteci.

- Verse from a famous Slavonjan song, used as a hymm for the army

5th of October Army
Петоктобарска Армија
Octobre Peti Armija
Octvri Tyudá Armi
Active 2018–present
Ideology Slavonjan Nationalism
Leaders Neđo Borisov
Area of operations Worldwide
Size 20,000-40,000
Allies Palesmenia Palesmenia

Srbozemska Srbozemska
Nidobhinivukovi.png Nídobhá's Wolves

Opponent(s) Florian Republic Florian Republic

Kkhahk.png KKHAHK
ESB Group

Conflict(s) Nohavland Crisis
The Canopy Offensive
Srbozemskan Civil War

The 5th of October Army (Slavonjan: Octobre Peti Armija, Krasnocorian Cyrillic: Петоктобарска Армија, Palesmenian: Octvri Tyudá Armi) is a far-right Slavonjan paramilitary founded by local militias in and around Slavograd. After the merger of Krasnarus and the Kingdom of Coria into Krasnocoria, the organization found new meaning as a small backup force for the Krasnocorian Armed Forces and a pseudo police force in the Slavonjan countryside. Known for their infamous battle cry of "Slava Grata!", many suggest that they are a fighting force that reportedly can "rival some armies of sovereign nations."



Along with the Nídobhá's Wolves, they helped occupy areas to help liberate Srbozemska from their foreign occupiers.


Before The Canopy Offensive, many Slavonjans worked and went to school in Palesmenia. After the news of the outbreak of the war, and of the Mugdáhn Incident, of which 4 Slavonjans were killed and cremated, the Slavonjans called upon the army to come and help the Pro-Akhman forces in beating back the KKHAHK. After the Grandbay Peace Accords, the army now has a branch in the nation to assist in rural policing.

Srbozemska (2nd)