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The Canopy Offensive

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The Canopy Offensive
A Nárhitihnist priest shielding a wounded Palesmenian soldier
Date 10/31/2018-12/15/2018
Location Southern Palesmenia
Result Palesmenian victory
Kkhahk.png KKHAHK Southern League
  • Radiosouth.png Rádmijn Livá Sud

Nidobhinivukovi.png Nídobhá's Wolves (Blepian Volunteer Militia) (from 5 December)

5thOctArmy.png 5th of October Army (Slavonjan Volunteer Militia) (from 5 December)

Commanders and leaders
Kkhahk.png Bo Wai Zeyar Whiteflag.png
Radiosouth.png U Pyae KanWhiteflag.png
Nasser I Akhman
Sein Win Htet
Phyoe Sein Mg Myat
Nidobhinivukovi.png Brzi Jokleðe
5thOctArmy.png Neđo Borisov
Units involved
Kkhahk.png Kampog'ye Armitká Trebós
Aaflag.png Anti-Akhman Paramilitaries
Palesmenijna Armitká Trebós
Palesmenijnamaksba (Local Militias)
Nationalítsa Milótana Polinktt
Casualties and losses
Kkhahk.png 73 killed, 105 missing 49 killed, 56 missing

Nidobhinivukovi.png 8 dead, 19 missing
5thOctArmy.png 6 dead, 12 missing

The Canopy Offensive (Palesmenian: Dak Meyac Offecá) ,sometimes known as the "The War of Zeyar's Failing Sanity" was a series of military clashes within southern Palesmenia. These clashes are in response to terrorist attacks by the radical communist group KKHAHK. They soon after rallied many Anti-Akhman militias to help fund the cause.



After the Akhman seizure of Ábbad and the declaration of a Palesmenian state, many minority groups did not have a say on citizenship. With the haphazardly crafted boundaries from the warlord era, tribes and families were divided. This angered many of these groups, who felt the need to rise up and create their own state (or at the least return to their lives in the green).


On October 31 2018, the KKHAHK committed bombings in several major cities and allowing their armed wing. the Kampog'ye Armitká Trebós, to rise up in several areas around the south. Their radio station, Rádmijn Livá Sud, announced "Victory to all people and those dearest to them". Soon after this, a notorious event, known as the Mugdáhn Incident occurred, of which the village of the same name was burned down and those who inhabited it where brutally tortured and executed by KKHAHK and Anti-Akhman forces. In response, the PAT began to commence bombing and air raids over several rebel held territories. After several more weeks of on and off fighting, paramilitary groups from Krasnocoria volunteered to serve alongside the Palesmenian army to beat back the reds. Ten days after, most Anti-Akhman forces capitulated upon the order of the KAT commander, Bo Wai Zeyar.


  • October 31: Fighting begins after several KKHAHK bombings
  • November 12: Mugdáhn Incident occurs
  • November 15: Strategic bombing and air raids over the city of Kándar begins
  • December 5: Krasnocorian paramilitaries join to fight alongside Pro-Akhman forces.
  • December 8: Phyoe Sein Mg Myat, head of the National Military Police, is stabbed to death in Myahoetgazar. U Pyae Kan surrenders himself to authorities.
  • December 15: After weeks of bombing and shelling of KKHAHK targets, the KKHAHK forces file a document of surrender to all commanders of armed forces. This document also issued a surrender order to all KKHAHK forces.