Nídobhá's Wolves

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Nídobhá's Wolves
Нидобхини Вукови
Wolves mNídobhé

Vutrika ma-Nidobáhn
Active 2018–present
Ideology Blepian nationalism
Leaders Brzi Jokleðe
Area of operations Worldwide
Size 30,000–40,000
Allies Palesmenia Palesmenia

Srbozemska Srbozemska
5thOctArmy.png 5th of October Army

Opponent(s) Florian Republic Florian Republic

Kkhahk.png KKHAHK
ESB Group

Conflict(s) Nohavland Crisis
The Canopy Offensive
Srbozemskan Civil War

The Nídobhá's Wolves (Krasnocorian Cyrillic: Нидобхини Вукови, Blepian: Wolves mNídobhé Palesmenian: Vutrika ma-Nidobáhn) is a nationalist paramilitary organization that was originally founded by former soldiers of Blepian Armed Forces shortly after Blepian Emergency. Following dissolution of Blepian state, the organization grew up massively and gained reputation as one of the last remaining symbols of former Blepia. Paramilitary is present in all locations where Blepian diaspora exists, most notably Krasnocoria, Srbozemska and Palesmenia.



Along with the 5th of October Army, they helped occupy areas to help liberate Srbozemska from their foreign occupiers.


At the outbreak of The Canopy Offensive, many Blepians were studying and working in Palesmenia. Upon hearing the news of the outbreak of the war, and most especially the news of the Mugdáhn Incident, where six Blepians died, they requested an intervention from their compatriots.

Srbozemska (2nd)