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Republic of Srbozemska
Republika Srbozemska
Република Србоземска
Republic of Srbozemska flag.png
Flag of Srbozemska
Republic of Srbozemska coat of arms.png
Coat of arms of Srbozemska


and largest city
Demonym Srbozemskan
Languages Serbian
Religion Serbian Orthodox
Ethnic groups Serbs 66.3%
Florians 31.6%
Other 2.1%
-President Dimitrije Golubović

Formation 14 December 2017 (Nohavland)
6 August 2018 (Srbozemska)
Area TBD km²
Population 5,521,476
Currency Srbozemskan Dinar
Time zone UMT +0

The Republic of Srbozemska is a nation founded as an outcome of Nohavland Crisis.


Srbozemljan era

On 30th September Dimitrije Golubović founded Srbozemlje. It was an autonomous territory of Florian Republic. Srbozemlje started its development from its foundation starting a 12 team football league, starting some companies, building roads, but, less than a month after the start of Srbozemlje the War of Lost Brothers started. The development of the nation was stopped and the preparation for the war started. During the period of the war, Dimitrije Golubović was inactive and thus Srbozemlje felt in the hands of Kingdom of Coria.

Nohavlandian era

After the War of Lost Brothers

The official campaign logo

After the war finished in Micras Balkans and more of the half of Srbozemlje was captured by Kingdom of Coria the name was changed to Nohavland and Dimitrije Golubović took the title of the king. Some of the cities names were changed and all that was planned before the start of the war started becoming true. Nohavland started developing more rapidly than Srbozemlje. The war has stopped us in the plans that we had and now when it is finished we can finally work on our development, on improving the Kingdom of Nohavland. Our next major step will be independence from Florian Republic. - said the king.

Unilateral Declaration of independence and suspension

After the declaration of independence, the Florian Republic government released a statement of anger. Said a spokesman, In the late hours of the 14th December 2017, the Florian Autonomous region of Srbozemlje unilaterally declared independence from our great country. This is a violation of law in the Florian Republic and this will not be tolerated. Earlier in the year, the region of Xhusor (now the Empire of Hondon) declared unilateral independence without an agreement during the bloody conflict in the region. After the war stricter legislation was passed that no Florian territory or region would declare independence without the approval of the Florian Parliament or a legal referendum. Srbozemlje is a very important part of the country regarding the economy and industry. It is inadmissible to declare independence implicitly and therefore the declaration of independence of Srbozemlje is suspended indefinitely. A few minutes later a vote was passed for the region to become under direct rule from the central government.

Nohavland Referendum of Independence

After the sudden declaration of independence happened Srbozemlje Crisis. It was, fortunately, resolved two days later on December 16th when Nohavland was granted a referendum. With the Florian Republic government it was arranged that the referendum will be held on February 1st. The referendum was canceled a few days before it happened due to inactivity in the Nohavland government.

Srbozemskan era

Nohavland Crisis

After a failed referendum campaign due to internal issues with the Nohavlandic government started the Nohavland Crisis with paramilitaries originating from former Blepia and Krasnarusyn district of Slavonje occupying certain parts of Nohavland and creating Republic of Srbozemska claiming to liberate Serbs from "Florian occupation". Soon, just a few days before the war ended Shireroth destroyed all of the weaponry located in Nohavland only leaving it with riot equipment. This fastened the finishing of the war as Florian Republic was not able to defend only with that against the weaponry of Krasnocoria. This lead to the crisis finishing on August 19th with Florian Republic surrendering the war. As a way of celebrating the victory, freeing from Florian Republic and finally becoming a Serbian-oriented country the two cities Naisos and Bezimeni experienced name changes to Niš and Palanka

After the Nohavland Crisis

Right after the Nohavland Crisis finished the president, Dimitrije Golubović, said to RTS that he will work as much as possible on improving the nation and developing it as much as he can. Many investments are to be done in the economy, infrastructure, sport, and military. The measures that will be taken in the future to secure the rise and rebuilding of the nation will be known soon.

Governement and politics

Head of state

The leader of Srbozemska is the president, Dimitrije Golubović. The president is to be elected every year with the next elections planned in September 2019.

Srbozemska Skupshtina


There are five ministries in Srbozemska:

All of the ministers are chosen by the president and approved by voters in the Srbozemska Skupshtina and every decision, except the emergency ones, are also to be approved by them.


The only currently existing party in the country is that of the president Dimitrije Golubović.


Nohavlandian era

Before the War of Lost Brothers

Srbozemlje was very weak in the terms of military. Before the war started there weren`t many investments in the defense industry. With the start of the war Srbozemlje defense industry started rising and thus more of the half of companies were manufacturing weaponry. During the war, many of the products were lost and some factories needed to move to other cities and build their factories all over again. The best example is Nohavland Ammunition Factory which was located in Srbograd, the former capital of the country which is now taken by Kingdom of Coria. The new factory was built in January and its construction was helped by Freeland company GunTech.

Nohavland Armed Forces

After the war was finished restructuring the nation has begun. One of the first moves of the king was improving the armed forces of Nohavland. It all started by rebuilding the factories and creating new jobs for people. Once the factories were rebuilt and with new workers, the manufacturing of weapons started. That, of course, was not the only thing did in order to improve the armed forces as the developing of new weaponry also began. The most notable of which is Strah self-propelled howitzer which was developed in cooperation with Polish Republic of Freeland and is now used in both militaries.

Our plan is to have a fully functional and standardized military until the end of the year. This new military will be much stronger than that Srbozemlje had at the beginning of the war. After this plan is finished and our army is what we wish it to be we will continue to work in improving and developing our armed forces, but not as rapidly as we do now. - said the king at a press conference in December.


The official logo of Nohavland Multiple Rocket Launcher campaign

As the reconstruction of the armed forces started much new weaponry were needed and thus many new projects began to solve this issue. Lots of new weaponry were created in various branches of the army in the goal of making the armed forces more effective. One of those projects was the Nohavland Multiple Rocket Launcher. A whole campaign was made creating various posters and placing them across the whole kingdom in order to get the people interested. In February 2018 the first prototype was shown outside of Naisos at the Poljana Testing Field in front of a large mass of people (approx. half a million). At the presentation, many features and possible uses of this weapons were shown. When the presentation finished the crowd cheered showing their happiness and approval with the new weapon and the job Ministry of Defence was doing to improve the army.

Srbozemskan era

Near the end of Nohavland Crisis, all of the previous weapons Nohavland Armed Forces had were destroyed by Shireroth because of the existence of weaponry in Florian Republic was breaking the Peace Treaty. This was a devasting fact for the newly formed Srb Armed Forces which now exist with no weaponry at all. Currently, a course of action is not yet decided and it is unsure how this major problem will be solved. Of course, there are many factories manufacturing weapons in the nation, but it took them months to create what Nohavland had and the people of Srbozemska wish this to be solved very soon as they do not believe a great and proud country can exist with no military. The president has proclaimed in an interview that the people should not worry about this and that a course of action will be decided soon.





List of companies in Srbozemska

Srbozemska is home to many companies and factories in a great number of different areas. This list is comprised of only the biggest, most important and popular of them in the country.


Trading with other countries

Foreign relations

Srbozemska is in very good relations with Krasnokorija, who helped in the creation of the country during the Nohavland Crisis. Another country with whom Srbozemska has good relations is People's Republic of Freeland. During the Nohavlandian era People's Republic of Freeland has helped the army, with many projects and arms trades done, along with their support in the War of Lost Brothers.

At the end of September, the country's president, Dimitrije Golubović proclaimed:

Not much was done in this month regarding the improvement of foreign relations, but we have big plans for the future. One of them is Micras Slavic Union, an organization proposed by the People's Republic of Freeland. Srbozemska has shown interest in joining.







Coat of arms Name Population Location
Niš.jpg Niš 2,507,242 North-east Srbozemska
Palanka.jpg Palanka 510,616 South-east Srbozemska
Krava.jpg Krava 190,120 Central Srbozemska


Shklopki is a project started by the Ministry of Development. Its goals are improving the Srbozemska population, economy, and infrastructure by giving refugees from the war a new home, creating a place for more companies and investments and building new roads and railways to and from previously existing cities. Shklopki will, after the construction, have the capacity to hold 10 million people, with, by predictions, 4 million people moving there instantly. It is expected to become the capital of the province and will be completed in late 2019.

The map of Srbozemska and its neighbouring countries Stormark (light orange) and Krasnocoria (dark blue).


The country borders Krasnocoria on the south and Stormark on the east. Srbozemska is located in Micras Balkans, a geographical area located in eastern Apollonia with concentrated amount of nations with South Slavic influences. The Micras Balkans is a territory of many wars and conflicts, some of them including:

In all of them, Srbozemska and its predecessors Srbozemlje and Nohavland participated.