Srbozemlje Crisis

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Srbozemlje Crisis
Part of War of Lost Brothers
Date 15th December 2017-16th December
Location Srbozemlje
Status Ended
Florian Republic
Srbozemlje flag.png Srbozemlje
Nohavland flag.png Nohavland
Support Only
Kingdom of Coria


Srbozemlje is a Florian Overseas territory which suffered badly during the War of Lost Brothers losing important cities and industry to the nearby Kingdom of Coria. Many Srbs were outraged by the war and outcome leading to a revolt with the Florian Central Government.


In the late hours of 14th December 2017, Srbozemlje declared independence from Florian Republic without any notices or warnings. Violating the constitution of the republic, because a Florian breakaway region must hold an approved referendum beforehand. The Florian government then discovered the formations of 'illegal' sports leagues and currencies. After several contacts with the leader of Srbozemlje, King Dimitrije Golubović, he declared the independence of the territory without official consent. On the 15th December, Jessica Smith appointed Leon Watson as super-prefect holding all the powers locally and promising to enforce the constitution throughout the territory of the republic. On the 16th December, the crisis was resolved after Nohavland was granted a referendum.