Equipment of the Nohavlandian armed forces

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All of the weaponry was destroyed during the Nohavland Crisis.

Armoured vehicles

Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
Pakao Srbozemlje Main battle tank 65 Pakao.jpg The only main battle tank in Nohavland Armed Forces. Its speed is 60 km/h and has an operational range of 550 km. Its versions include Pakao RA, Pakao TS and Pakao APC. New versions entered service in late March.
Pero Srbozemlje Light tank 45 Pero.jpg The only light tank in Nohavland Armed Forces. Its speed is 70 km/h with an operational range of 500 km. Except for Nohavland it is also used in Polish Republic of Freeland.
Pakao TS Nohavland Missile tank 40 PakaoTS.jpg Intended as a tank support combat vehicle. It has 4x Ubica 1 anti-tank guided missiles.
Vuk Srbozemlje Armoured Fighting Vehicle 100 Vuk.jpg Has two versions: Vuk APC and Vuk IFV. Nohavland Armed Forces has 60 Vuk APC and 40 Vuk IFV.
Oštrica Nohavland MRAP 130 Ostrica.jpg 30 in G version, 21 in B version, 32 O version and 30 aT version vehicles
Armoured presonnel carrier
Pakao APC Nohavland Armoured personnel carrier 20 PakaoAPC.jpg APC with the ability to transport six soldiers. Main armament is a 7.62mm machine gun. Larger production expected.
Armoured recovery vehicle
SMFP 3000 Srbozemlje Armoured Recovery Vehicle 20 Smfp3000.jpg
Electronic warfare
VukE Nohavland Electronic warfare 5 VukE.jpg Electronic warfare is a new thing in Nohavland Armed Forces, so when the development of this vehicle started it a was a great achievement. This vehicle is not going to be produced in large numbers as it's development and production are worth a lot of money. Five are planned to enter service, one for each brigade of the Nohavland Armed Forces.


Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
Towed Artillery
Strah 122mm Srbozemlje Towed Artillery 40 Strah.png A 122mm howitzer used in Nohavland Armed Forces. It can fire 8 rounds per minute and its maximum range is 17,3 km. Its range will probably be upgraded in the future, most likely to 30 km. It takes 8 people to operate it. It is not only used by Nohavland, but by Polish Republic of Freeland also.
Udar 81mm Nohavland Mortar 500 UdarMortar.jpg After the production of new pieces Udar 81mm mortar will be the most produced weapon in Nohavland. It is used in Nohavland Armed Forces I Division, currently 20 in each brigade, but after the update it will be 100 in each brigade.
Self-propelled artillery
Strah self-propelled howitzer Nohavland Self-propelled howitzer 24 Strahselfpropelld.jpg The first self-propelled artillery in Nohavland Armed Forces. Its range is 24 km with new special ammunition, with the plan to improve the range to 30km. Four batteries were exported into Polish Republic of Freeland as Strah self-propelled howitzer was developed together with them. 16 more currently produced.
Rocket artillery
Pakao RA Nohavland rocket artillery 40 PakaoRA.jpg The first piece of rocket artillery in Nohavland Armed Forces. It's range is 15km and it can fire 24 rounds/15 s.

Air defence

Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
Anti-aircraft defence
S50 Kostolomac Srbozemlje Surface-to-air missile system 36 Kostolomac.jpg
S50 DVR I Radar Srbozemlje Early warning radar 6 DVR I.jpg

Unarmoured vehicles

Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
SMFP 1000 Srbozemlje 4x4 off road truck 160 Smfp1000.jpg
SMFP 2000 Srbozemlje Tank transporter 20 Smfp2000.jpg

Nohavland Air Force

Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
S50H Srbozemlje Light attack helicopter 72 S50lightattack.jpg S50HN:32, S50HO:20, S50HB:10, S50HaT:10
S50 Transport Srbozemlje Transport helicopter 14 S50transport.jpg
Veliki 1 Transporter Srbozemlje Transport aircraft 2 Veliki.jpg
Mali 1 Transporter Nohavland Transport aircraft 14 Mali1.jpg A smaller transport aircraft, special version of Veliki 1 Transporter.
Razarač bomber Srbozemlje Bomber 6 Razarac.jpg
AS 1 Fighter Srbozemlje Fighter 46 AS1.jpg

River Flottila

Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
Patrol boats
Ajkula Nohavland Multirole fast combat boat 10 MFCB.jpg When Ajkula gets into the Nohavland Armed Forces it will be the only boat in the newly formed Nohavland River Flottila. It will serve as a patrol boat in Nohavland rivers. Its speed is 80 km/h and it has a lot of armament (30mm auto-cannon, 30mm grenade launcher, 7.62mm light machine gun, 12.7mm machine gun)

Small Arms

Name Origin Type Quantity Notes
Small Arms
Armalite AR-24K/13C Polish Republic of Freeland Pistol 8,200
Armalite AR-100 Polish Republic of Freeland Assault rifle 7,100
AAC Honey Badger Polish Republic of Freeland Personal defense weapon 400
Glock 17 Polish Republic of Freeland Pistol 400
OBR SM Tarnów Polish Republic of Freeland Sniper rifle 150
ALFA-PROJ Model 3561 Polish Republic of Freeland Revolver 20

Future plans

Currently, Kingdom of Nohavland are improving all of the fields that exist in Nohavland Armed Forces. It is planned that until February 2018 Nohavland will have a totally modernized army. The first move was the small arms deal with Polish Republic of Freeland. The King said the biggest improvement will be in the field of armoured vehicles and artillery.

After the modernization of the Nohavland Armed Forces is finished there are plans for investing into Nohavland River Flotilla and anti-tank missile launchers.

Exports and imports of weapons

Polish Republic of Freeland - Nohavland trade

The trade happened at the begging of December 2017, but it was agreed on two months earlier in October. Kingdom of Nohavland exported weapons with the total value of 71 240 000 Florian Pounds (201 846 667 Zloty PRF). The weapons exported were mostly from the factory SMFP (SMFP 1000 Military Truck, SMFP 2000 Tank Transporter, SMFP 3000 Armoured Recovery Vehicle), but there were products from NCWF (Pero light tank) and SrbArtillery (Strah 122mm howitzer). It was the first deal in the history of Nohavland Armed Forces and one of the most important, as it established better connection between Kingdom of Nohavland and Polish Republic of Freeland

The small arms deal

The small arms deal was agreed on 15th December 2017 and the trade happened a day later. After the War of Lost Brothers most of the weaponry of Nohavland was either captured or destroyed, including the small arms. The king Dimitrije Golubović saw the problem and talked to Jakub Baran the leader of Polish Republic of Freeland for help knowing that the company GunTech is located in PRF. Jakub Baran helped and the trade was agreed. Kingdom of Nohavland imported small arms in the value of 405 million Flamx (202.5 million Zloty PRF). The whole Nohavland Armed Forces were fully equipped including the Nohavland Special Forces.

Future exports and imports

Polish Republic of Freeland as the nation that traded the most with will probably be interested in future products of the Nohavland defense industry, but there are also possibilities of other nations trading with Nohavland in the military industry.