Strah self-propelled howitzer

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Strah self-propelled howitzer


Type: Self-propelled howitzer
Place of origin: Nohavland
Polish Republic of Freeland

In service: 2017 - present
Used by:

Nohavland flag.png Nohavland
Freeland flag.png Polish Republic of Freeland

Designed: 2017
Manufacturer: SMFP
and GunTech for the ammunition.

Weight: 18 t
Crew: 3
Caliber: 122 mm
Rate of fire: 8 RPM
Effective range: 18,500 m
24,000 m with special ammunition.

Speed: Road: 80 km/h
Off-road: 20 km/h
Operational range: 500 km

The idea

The idea for a self-propelled howitzer existed during the War of Lost Brothers, but from that idea, nothing came in existence due to the inactivity of the leader Dimitrije Golubović. After the finished war and losing more of the half of its territory Kingdom of Nohavland decided to start from scratch, but in some way keep the legacy Srbozemlje had. One of the fields Kingdom of Nohavland thought needs development was military, so all of the former plans started coming into existence and thus the idea of a self-propelled howitzer became real.


When it was sure that the manufacturing of Strah self-propelled howitzer is going to start the first problem was the production of ammunition. The Srbozemlje Ammunition Factory was in Srbograd which was taken by Kingdom of Coria. The problem was solved with cooperation with Polish Republic of Freeland. GunTech manufactured the needed ammunition and later helped with the development of an ammunition factory in Nohavland called Nohavland Ammunition Factory.


The only nations that use the Strah self-propelled howitzer are Kingdom of Nohavland and Polish Republic of Freeland. Kingdom of Nohavland currently has 24 vehicles in use (with plans of increasing to 40), while Polish Republic of Freeland has 23.

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