Nohavland Ammunition Factory

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Nohavland Ammunition Factory
Type Goverment owned
Industry Weaponry
Founded October 2017
Headquarters Palanka, Srbozemska
Products Ammunition



Nohavland Ammunition Factory started as a government-owned company created in the October 2017 with the purpose of manufacturing ammunition for Srbozemlje Armed Forces.

After the War of Lost Brothers

The factory was in Srbograd the city which was taken by Corian Armed Forces, so there was a problem with the manufacturing of all the ammunition. The problem was solved in cooperation with Polish Republic of Freeland and their company GunTech. They delivered the ammunition for all the small arms and also for the new project of Nohavland Armed Forces - Strah self-propelled howitzer. It was decided with the leader of Polish Republic of Freeland Jakub Baran that GunTech will help Nohavland in constructing their own ammunition factory. It is predicted that the finish of construction will be in mid-January.


  • 7.62mm ammunition
  • 12.7mm ammunition
  • 30mm ammunition
  • 81mm ammunition
  • 120mm ammunition
  • 122mm ammunition
  • 125mm ammunition
  • Grenades
  • Unguided bombs
  • Air-to-air missiles
  • Earth-to-air missiles
  • Air-to-earth missiles
  • Ubica 1