Nohavland Armed Forces

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Nohavland Armed Forces
Active: 2017 - 2018
Allegiance: Nohavland
Personnel: 12,000 personnel (50,000 reserves)

Current Commander: Dimitrije Golubović


All of the organization stated here is the one that will be active from February 1st, 2018. Before that the restructuring of the army is ongoing.

I Infantry Division

I Brigade

II Brigade

III Brigade

IV Brigade

V Brigade

I Artillery Brigade

Towed Artillery Battalion

I Artillery Battery
II Artillery Battery
III Artillery Battery

Self-propelled artillery Battalion

IV Artillery Battery
V Artillery Battery

I Tank Brigade

Light tank battalion

Main battle tank battalion

Air Force

Nohavland Air Force consists of I Squadron and I Air Defence Batallion. It uses Naisos heliport and Naisos Airport.

I Wing

Naisos heliport squadron

Naisos Airport attack squadron

Naisos Airport transport squadron

I Air Defence Batallion

Logistics Batallion

Special Forces

Sniper Company

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