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Srbozemska Military Factory of the People
Industry Military
Founded October 2017
Headquarters Krava Village, Srbozemska
Products Weapons


Srbozemlje era

After the assassination of King of Coria and accusations on the Florian Republic, the people of Krava Village, the largest village in Srbozemlje decided to start manufacturing military weapons for the defense of Srbozemlje. Srbozemlje Serbs are, like all Serbs, very patriotic so this wish was soon taken into action and over 30 military vehicles were manufactured and a lot more are in the process of production. Krava Village has a population of 8 592 people of which more than 2000 people decided to support this factory and help in the process of vehicle production. Also, more than 1000 people decided that they will help in food production for the military, also in the production of ammunition for small arms.

Nohavland era

During the reign of the Nohavlandian king, the company was of big importance for military production and the army. The products manufactured proved great while testing and exercises with all the highest scores.

Srbozemskan era

The company hasn't done much since the foundation of Srbozemska as the plans for the army reconstruction are still being discussed in the Srbozemska Skupshtina. As soon as the course of action is decided and put into power, large orders of trucks, transporters, and recovery vehicles are expected.