Nohavland Multiple Rocket Launcher

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After it was sure that the Nohavland will work on their improvement and modernization of Nohavland Armed Forces the Ministry of Defence started the improvement of mostly artillery and armoured vehicles. A self-propelled howitzer was developed with old artillery being manufactured in larger number numbers. New projects started, with needs for new designs. One of them was Nohavland Multiple Rocket Launcher. The need for a multiple rocket launcher existed so SrbArtillery started developing one.

Official logo of the campaign

Design and testing

The finished design was sent to SrbArtillery on December 29th. Many changes happened to the design one of them being the decision to use the Pakao main battle tank chassis as the chassis for the vehicle instead of SMFP 1000 Military Truck which was used for the self-propelled howitzer. Some of the people on the design team and some of the officials of Ministry of Defence took this change negatively. During the testing, which started in late January they have proved wrong as Pakao main battle tank chassis showed very good results.

Pakao RA

In early February 2018, Pakao RA was presented to the public as the finished result of the project.


Manufacturing started in February with 40 pieces ordered by Ministry of Defence. The pieces were delivered in early May and the training of new soldiers for usage of the weaponry will start after the end of Nohavland Crisis.