Srbozemskan Civil War

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Srbozemskan Civil War
Burning of UNPRSRB HQ (11 April 2019)
Date 4 March 2019 – 13 April 2019
Location Srbozemska
Result Srbozemskan victory
Srbozemska Srbozemska

Krasnocoria Krasnocoria

Nidobhinivukovi.png Nídobhá's Wolves

5thOctArmy.png 5th of October Army

United National Party of the Republic new.png UNPRSRB


ESB Group (material support, training, and tactical direction)

Florian Republic Florian Republic (aid only)

Commanders and leaders
Srbozemska Dimitrije Golubović

Krasnocoria Jovan I

Krasnocoria Dejan Stanković

Krasnocoria Buben Prukupič

Nidobhinivukovi.png Brzi Jokleðe

5thOctArmy.png Neđo Borisov

United National Party of the Republic new.png Jack Lane
Krasnocoria 47,850

Srbozemska 40,200
Nidobhinivukovi.png 6,000
5thOctArmy.png 15,000

United National Party of the Republic new.png 88,000
Casualties and losses
17,924 (March)

The Srbozemskan Civil War was a civil war fought between 4 March 2019 and 13 April 2019. It was triggered by a successful coup d'état plotted by Florian elements in government institutions, most importantly the police and military. Government forces, supported by Krasnocorian Armed Forces and two paramilitaries, Nídobhá's Wolves and 5th of October Army, clashed with United National Party of the Republic of Srbozemska led by Jack Lane, it's leader.


The territory of Srbozemska and Krasnocorian province of Srbozemlje are described by many as the most politically unstable region on Micras (with exception of the Florian Republic itself). The region have faced two crises (Srbozemlje and Nohavland) and a war. In all occasions it was fought between Florians, who as a minority ruled over the majority of Serbs, who wanted bigger autonomy from Florian Republic. Florians, with the fact of accepting such conditions would result in eventual independence of so-called 'Floroserbian lands', installed a more authoritarian, oppresive government, which led to ethnic conflicts.

Coup d'état



  • 4th
    • The UNPR forces quickly after unlawfully sacking the President of Srbozemska Dimitrije Golubović begin invading and expelling Chairmans and other staff from all government institutions in Niš. Conflicts with Government military and police forces on various locations across the capital.
  • 5th
    • Expulsions expand to Palanka and Krava.
    • The Krasnocorian Ministry of Defence calls for emergency session where highest military officials shall appear. Shortly after the end, the King of Krasnocoria, Jovan I, have come up in the public with an announcement where he calls for emergency mobilization of units and directing them towards Srbozemska.
    • First brigades from Srbograd 6th Corps are reporting to duty. Slowly, complete 121st Division, roughly 17,500 soldiers are approaching the border. The Major General shouts "Juriš!", a sign for start of rushing downhill the Srbozemskan lands. The offensive have started.
  • 6th
    • Motorised infantry from the 121st Division, passing through a narrow defile, encounter a series of roadblocks formed of felled-trees and boulders. Unidentified insurgents, disguised as forestry workers and herdsmen, observing the forward elements of the column coming to a halt, unleashed a barrage of heavy mortar fire. As troops jumped from their halted armoured personnel carriers and trucks, some to establish a defensive perimeter whilst others rushed forward to attempt to dismantle the barricade, further boulders and tree trunks are rolled down from the slopes above, this time directed at the vehicles at the rear of the convoy - some of which were attempting to reverse back out of the defile.
    • Heavy clashes in Niš between Srb Armed Forces, armed Serbian civilians and the rebels.
    • Azardokht al-Osman, director of ESB Financial Services, arrived in Puerto Arcadio.
    • Groundbreaking ceremony at Port Farrar is witnessed by interested third parties.
    • ESB Jaris begins hiring Black Travellers for haulage work at highly favourable rates.
  • 7th
    • Heavily weakened 121st Division arrives to the front in Palanka.
    • The 133rd Division crosses the border, heading towards Krava.
    • Fighting in Niš subsides as it becomes apparent insurgent forces have succeed in effecting a takeover of the barracks of the local garrison.
    • Krasnocorian Government calls for domestically registered paramilitary forces to join their side.
  • 8th
    • The 133rd Division arrives to the front in Krava.
    • Two tanks, their sides daubed with extremist markings, smashed through the perimeter fencing of Niš Airport. The terminal buildings were subsequently hastily evacuated and the airport closed to further flights, whilst insurgent reinforcements arrived and began to park trucks and commandeered civilian vehicles on the primary runway.
    • Two paramilitaries call in early in the morning to the Krasnocorian Ministry of Defence, the Blepian Nídobhá's Wolves and Slavonjan 5th of October Army. Mobilization begins immediately.
    • Reported spray shooting on Serbian civilians in north-eastern Srbozemska by armed Florians.
    • Azardokht al-Osman hosted the imam Hakan Rejep and the eminent politician Aykut Kökgül for a discrete social function with Norfolk Isles business leaders held at the Casa Club del Comerciante in Puerto Arcadio.
  • 9th
    • A eight-man insurgent patrol took position in a farmhouse outside of Palanka overlooking the road along which the 121st Division had travelled on the 7th. Along with the dawn chorus, the Krasnocorian infantry assigned to forward pickets were greeted by three stinger anti-tank missiles fired from a Hornet recoilless rifle against a manned checkpoint on the road. A brief firefight ensued before the patrol disengaged under the cover of somewhat inaccurate artillery fire originating from the edge of the city.
    • Krasnocorian Intelligence Agency gains intel of suspicious group in Elmaovo allegedly recruiting working class men for the conflict in Srbozemska.
  • 10th
    • Blockading vehicles are removed from the runway at Niš Airport to allow for the arrival of a chartered Air Constancia flight.
    • The SS Andronikos arrived off Puerto Arcadio. Twelve Constancian presbyters were put ashore.
  • 11th
    • Foreign communication equipment is observed being unloaded in the grounds of the Academy of Niš. The site is subsequently secured by uniformed personnel without identifying insignia.
    • Cargo unloaded from the Andronikos is transferred to the Milicia de Hierro whilst miscellaneous provisions are taken aboard.
  • 12th
    • Local insurgent communications network established in Niš.
    • SS Andronikos departs Puerto Arcadio for Port Farrar.
  • 13th
    • The 1st Infantry and Mixed Artillery Division lose entire urban area of Niš, further retreat beyond suburbs is ordered by the General Stepa Mišić due to huge losses.
  • 15th
    • Rebel groups in Palanka achieve encrypted link to the Niš communications network.
  • 17th
    • Krasnocorian 27th Division crosses the border, heading towards Palanka.
    • The 1st Infantry and Mixed Artillery Division begin second offensive in order to retake the capital after small amount of artillery equipment was smuggled in by Blepians and Slavonjans.
  • 18th
    • Krasnocorian 27th Division arrives to the front in Palanka.
  • 19th
    • Krasnocorian 74th Division crosses the border, heading towards Krava.
    • Srb Armed Forces attempt electronic warfare to break enemy communication line between Niš and Palanka.
  • 20th
    • Krasnocorian 74th Division arrives to the front in Krava.
    • Niš Command Centre organises Dispatch Group to manage armed uniformed and disguised civilian courier network as electronic communications become unreliable.
  • 22nd
    • Treaty of Puerto Arcadio is signed between Constancia and Los Liberados.
    • The 1st Infantry and Mixed Artillery Division are after complete encirclement by rebels totally devastated. Thousands are taken POWs and their remaining equipment is seized.
  • 23rd
    • Florian Republic quits the Port of Vines
    • Rebels from Niš are heading south and southeast towards the fronts in Palanka and Krava.
    • 2nd (Florian) Area Defence Brigade formed to protect Niš Airport.
  • 24th
    • Treaty of Arak is signed between Constancia and the Florian Republic.
    • Krava is liberated from the rebels with the help of air support.
  • 26th
    • Series of gas station explosions in north-eastern Srbozemska, allegedly plotted by Florian rebels.
  • 27th
    • Air raids in Palanka by Krasnocorian Air Force, missiles destroy huge portion of enemy artillery.
  • 28th
    • Rebel air defence assets are dispersed to prepared concealed positions in civilian residential areas.
    • Krasnocorian 74th Division and the good-standing Srb brigades from the 3rd Infantry Division are advancing north.
    • Rebel bands around Palanka reorganised into 3rd (Florian) Area Defence Brigade.


  • 1st
    • Estimated remaining strength of insurgent forces after deaths, injuries, and desertions over the preceding month: 504 commandants (field officers), 1,512 sub-commandants (junior officers), 7,564 section leaders (non-commissioned officers) and 60,496 militia and other volunteer fighters. ESB advisory team not thought to exceed 120 personnel. Unknown number of Black Travellers, Gupneks, and Hasanis, engaged in illicit activities in government held areas.
    • Unidentified flying objects reported to be visible hovering at altitude in portions of the 'Green' parallel to the Srbozemskan frontier. Electromagnetic interference reported in communications equipment and radar systems.
    • A chartered commercial aircraft lands at Niš Airport. Disassembled electronic components and sealed crates are seen being loaded aboard whilst heavy chests, marked in Praeta with the words Gulþ crudely stencilled on their sides, are dumped onto the tarmac.


The motivations for ESB involvement in the entire affair proved ultimately to be typically opaque. Certainly a landlocked region surrounded by ungoverned spaces and hostile governments was not a promising market into which to invest any quantifiable amount of time and effort. The most likely explanation is that the brief period of instability represented an opportunity for the "Honourable Company" to conduct a smash and grab on the weaponry, machine-tools, and design templates left over from the brief period of Nohavland (and its successor states) flirtation with developing an independent manufacturing capacity outside the orbit of the Raspur Pact and USSO.

Order of Battle

Rebel forces (01 Apr 19)

  • Niš Command Centre
    • Operations Room
      • ESB Advisory Group
      • Dispatch Group
  • 1st (Florian) Area Defence Brigade, Niš
    • Command Squadron
      • Pioneer Troop
      • Signals Troop
    • 46th Security Regiment
    • 47th Security Regiment
    • 32nd Area Defence Regiment
      • Anti-Tank Squadron
      • Artillery Squadron
      • Anti-Air Squadron
  • 2nd (Florian) Area Defence Brigade, Niš Airport
    • Command Squadron
      • Pioneer Troop
      • Signals Troop
      • Supply Troop
    • 31st Artillery Regiment
      • Artillery Squadron
      • Anti-Air Squadron
    • 40th Security Regiment
    • 42nd Security Regiment
    • Operational Support Aviation Group, Niš Airport / Niš Heliport
  • 3rd (Florian) Area Defence Brigade, Palanka
  • 1st Assault Division, northwest of Krava
    • Serphant Brigade
  • 2nd Assault Division, south and east of Palanka
  • 3rd Assault Division, north of Palanka, west of Krava