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First Order of the Florian Republic

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First Order of the Florian Republic
Y a’ chiad archeb
Participant in The Florian Civil War
First Order of the Florian Republic flag.png
Official flag
Active 15 million
Ideology Restoration of a single Florian government and protection of its territories.
Leaders Lord Serphant
Headquarters Stonehall
Area of operations Nationwide
Size 15 million
Allies Nohavland flag.png Nohavland
Etourney flag.png Etourney
Opponents Florian Free State
General Government of Floria

The First Order of the Florian Republic or simply the First Order was a Florian guerrilla group committed to restoring a singular government and the destruction of the Florian Free State and General Government of Floria. It also expressed believe of destroying the current political parties of those two governments blaming them for the present situation in the country. It claimed to be the legitimate government of the Florian Republic. It had an extremely popular following and the current army comprises of a group of specially trained volunteer troops and an air force. The movement sought to be better and remove all weaknesses and flaws that the original government had and instead replace it with a military dictatorship.



The group was led by Lord Serphant, an ex-soldier in the War of Lost Brothers. He was angry about the current situation in the country and persuaded Florian nationalists to join him. He succeeded with membership rapidly growing to 15 million and he stood at the top of the hierarchy with Generals and commanders below him with the First Order volunteer troops at the bottom.


The First Order of the Florian Republic self-proclaimed to be the legitimate government of the Florian Republic. However, it only claimed the Eastern side of the country. The headquarters of the organization was in a secret location near the large town of Stonehall but was eventually destroyed by the current Florian government in place today.


The military rapidly expanded and violated many treaties with the nations of Jingdao,Shireroth and Natopia. The mass militarization effort of the order occurred in the unknown regions of the country at the time and the Orders military regularly stole machinery and aircraft from rival groups.


Mainland Florian Republic