Florian Free State

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Florian Free State
  Free State  

Motto: In unity and freedom.
Location of the Florian Free State
Country Natopia
Demesne Blyth
Municipalities Dragonmoor, Oldhaven
Armistice of Blyth 21.XIV.1654 AN
Founder Jessica Smith
Government of Shireroth
 • President Colonel Georg Gregor Lambert (Template:Polparty)
Population (1694 AN)
 • Total 8.9 million
Time zone UTC-1

The Florian Free State, formerly the Community of Shirerithian Municipalities (Florian: Cymuned o Sxiro bailtean), is a self-governing association of municipalities, centred around Blyth with a majority of historically Pro-Shireroth supporters in the southern portion of the Shirerithian protectorate of the Florian Republic that was ceded to Natopia in a peace treaty between the Florian Republic and Natopia. Since then, the Florian Free State, is a part of Natopia.


The association came into existence after to end a brutal civil war in the country and to end a brutal chapter in the War of Lost Brothers. Before the establishment, there was tremendous violence between the Florian Government and a Florian faction backed by Shireroth. To end the violence, the governments of the Florian Republic and Shireroth signed a landmark deal which would see Pro-Shireroth Florians in the south gain autonomy. In the community, the treaty signed between Shireroth and the Florian Republic would remain intact whilst the rest of the country would withdraw from the treaty. On 21.XIV.1654 AN, the community was fully established.

The Jingdaoese reacted to this agreement with the Shirerithians with a 'minor' correction in Southgate. The massacre led to calls for the association to be scrapped, balanced by even greater calls for the dead to be avenged, resurrecting the tensions that the Armistice of Blyth had sought to bring to a close.

With a base of operations secured by the Natopian occupation around Blyth the civil war in effect resumed with the Free State opposing the General Government established by Jingdao in the north.

In 1661 the territory of the Florian Free State was bisected and severed from the Florian Republic by a land-corridor ceded to the Jingdaoese Empire by the chronically weak government in Northcliff in exchange for some overseas islands of little strategic or economic relevance to the Florian people. After the Florian Republic committed that act, support for Florian reunification plummeted.

On 8.I.1694 AN, General John Lambert, a figure more or less forgotten by the outside world, passed away after a long illness. He was democratically succeeded as President by his son, Colonel Georg Gregor Lambert, who reiterated his commitment to the previous policy of the liberation of the Jing occupied land-corridor being the essential prerequisite for reunification.

In 1723 AN Florian President Isabelle Chopin expressed her desire to reunify the Free State with the Florian mainland despite the possibility of the Free State becoming an exclave.