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Nation: Northern Coria, Hurmu
Population: 190,120
Predominant language: Serbian

Main roads: Bezimeni-Krava Village
Naisos-Krava Village
Major districts: N/A

Current mayor:
Map versions:

Krava is a city in the Hurmu state of Northern Coria. The city has the population of 190,120, but more and more people are expected to come due to a lot of new buildings being built, projects being done and large amounts of people showing interest in living here, mostly the older part of the population who enjoys the numerous fields and parks which can be found in Krava.

The city's coat of arms. It is simple and made of just two colors, green which symbolizes the city's numerous farms and fields and white which stands as a symbol of purity and godliness.


Since 1696, part of the Hurmu state of Rekozemlje.

Popular misconseption

A popular misconception is that Krava Village is an actual village. This is not true. In the days of its founding, it was like that, Krava was just a small village in central Srbozemska of which no one has heard of until the War of Lost Brothers came and the people showed their wish to help by starting numerous weapon factories. When the war was finished and the whole country was informed of the cities actions more and more people started coming to Krava, most notably people who have lost their homes during the war. Krava mayor gave them free homes which were built by M Construction. The city's population rose to almost 200 thousand making it one of the three major cities of Srbozemska. The name stuck as the people did not want to change claiming that the name would remind people of how a small village became a big city.




Krava has the connections to other two major cities in Srbozemska by Palanka-Krava Village highway and Niš-Krava Village highway which were built during the Nohavlandian era.


Many military and war enthusiasts come to visit the city which has been known for its exceptional bravery in actions in the War of Lost Brothers when the people of the city, at that time very small and almost non-important, started weaponry production factories, most notably SMFP which is today the most-known weapons factory in Srbozemska with its trucks and other products being of much importance to the Srb Armed Forces.


The look of the arena from the inside. Except for basketball, handball matches can also be played in it.


Stadiums and arenas

Wolves Arena

The only arena in Krava Village, also the smallest one in the country. It serves as a place where Basketball Club Wolves play all of their games. It holds the capacity for 2 500 people. It can always be seen as full as the people of Krava are crazy for sports, especially basketball, in which Srbozemska has the most success out of all sports. Many riots and fan fights occur in this place so the audience is also known as 'The Terrifying Ones'. High levels of all security is a thing always present in the Wolves Arena especially in matches with Naisos Eagles a team known in the city as their biggest enemies.