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The ESB-Jörmungandr Group (also known as the Honourable Company), established in the year 1668 under Raspurid law, was formed from Gainshare Capital Holdings after it had acquired control of the titular holdings of the organisation's eponymous Shirerithian predecessor with the effect of reconstituting the entire group as a Euran registered company and relegating the former parent entity to the status of a regional branch - carrying on legacy business relations with the Benacian Customs Union in the wake of the Modanese Emigration. The lineage of the corporation can be traced back to the merger of the Einhorn–Silverman–Bochs Group and Jörmungandr A/S in the aftermath of the reunification of Elwynn with Shireroth. The group is considered to be a near-peer to the Iron Company and the Octavian Import-Export Corporation in terms of diversity of asset portfolio and global reach[1]. It has however suffered from a significant liquidity crisis following on from the debilitating cost of a succession of conflicts as well as the opacity of the spate of credit swaps which cemented control of the group's Board of Directors in the hands of the Constancian oligarchy controlled by Primo de Aguilar.



Following an extraordinary general meeting, held in Teldrin on 22.IV.1668 and at Aqaba on 2.V.1668 AN, the Board of Directors, confronted by the enormity of the Modanese Emigration, voted to relocate the corporate headquarters of the group to the city port which had served as the national-redoubt of Constancia during the calamitous days of the Second Euran War following the evacuation and destruction of Vey.

A majority of the Board of Directors voted in favour of a resolution to begin construction of a new administrative complex and cantonment at Aqaba, tentatively named the Ziggurat, with design specifications similar to the Teldrin Sanitorium included in the aforesaid complex. As such the heart of the complex can be expected to comprise, as a minimum, of a terraced raised platform of 310,000 cubic metres of concrete, clad with imported limestone, enclosing an area of thirty-eight acres.

Board of Directors


The Group is organised into ten Directorates subordinate to the Board of Directors, these being:

Directorate Function Employees
Secretariat: Reports to the Secretary to the Board of Directors. Supporting the Board of Directors of the ESB Group in following the obligations enjoined by the Articles of Association and the Grand Ducal Warrant upon the aforesaid board. Additional duties include the Organisation and Internal Governance of the Group and it's directorates. Prospectors and Observers, both resident and itinerant, report directly to the Secretary of the Board of Directors and thus belong under the Secretariat's Pay-Roll. 1,802
Directorate of Security Close Protection of ESB Group corporate officers, personnel and property 15,597
Directorate of Apollonian Operations Provision of commodity, logistic, and outsourcing services in Arboria, Saint Andre, and Jaris 12,873
Directorate of Benacian Operations Provision of commodity, logistic, industrial, and outsourcing services in Drak-Modan, the Imperial Regency, the Sovereign Confederation, and the Unified Governorates of Benacia, as well as the provision of military and technical advisory support in the Unified Governorates and Kasterburg 106,882
Directorate of Euran Operations Provision of military, logistic, technical, and industrial support services in Constancia and Raspur 42,904
Directorate of Keltian Operations Provision of commodity, logistical, industrial, military, outsourcing, and technical support services in Caputia, Elijah's Rest (Normark), and Wechua 92,871
Directorate of Tapferite Operations Provision of commodity, logistic, and outsourcing services in Natopia 470
Tarjeisson Trust Administering the estate and endowments of the late Kaiser Dominus 804
Tarjeisson Complex Marriage Trust Administering the estate bestowed upon the wives and children of the late Kaiser Dominus 30
Directorate of Financial and Legal Services Provision of financial and legal services, as well as associated consulting services, internally to the Group and externally to select clients 200

Former directorates of Commodity Services, Logistic Services, and Outsourcing Services were disbanded in 1662 with their functions being reassigned to the continental operations directorates.



Commercial activities

Current contracts

Former business activities


Corporate rituals



  1. ^ In the "Free World" economy outside the grip of the USSO-aligned Port of Vines at any rate.