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See also: Republic of Vey

Vey is an ancient city in Eura, historically associated with Babkha and Constancia (its capital 1627 AN1667 AN). Destroyed by a Natopian orbital strike in 1666 AN. It was the capital of Zeed's Republic of Vey from 1695 AN to 5.XI.1698.

In 1721, in a bid to clarify its legal status under the Imperial State of Constancia, the Republic of Vey was constituted by Imperial Decree similarly to the Ecclesiastical Mountain Republic. The Imperial Decree likewise specified that it be presently governed by a Civil Administrator serving at pleasure of the Basilinna and/or the Autokrator of Constancia, and also granted them district representation in the Imperial Synkletos, as well as as an elected 24-member Advisory Council, elected by locals for a six-year term alongside national elections.