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Ecclesiastical Mountain Republic

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Ecclesiastical Mountain Republic
Flag of Eklesia
Coat of Arms of Eklesia
Coat of Arms
Motto: Peace and Unity
Anthem: Tavisupleba
Location of Eklesia
Map versions
Capital Javadabad
Largest city Zugashvili
Official language(s) Georgian
Official religion(s) Eklesian Orthodox Church
Demonym Eklesian
 - Adjective Eklesian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 - Basileus Giakoumis
 - Civil Administrator Vüqar Rugahi
 - Legislature Advisory Council
Population 89,500
Currency Imperial Stater
Time zone(s)
Mains electricity
Driving side
Track gauge
National website
National forum
National animal
National food
National drink
National tree

The Ecclesiastical Mountain Republic, a Constancian protectorate established after 1.I.1692 AN, following the withdrawal of Surenid garrisons from the contested highland plateau located between the mineral rich Durani and Rodopi mountain ranges situated in central Eura, governs the former territories of Eklesia.

The super volcano Mount Duranian is situated within the borders of the Ecclesiastical Mountain Republic, representing, along with the plethora of fortified monastic institutions found under its shadow, one of the main draws for travellers to the the territory.

It is was governed by a Senior Minister within the Office of the Mesazon, who acted with plenipotentiary authority similar to the Civil Administrator for Raspur, with respect to the Ecclesiastical Mountain Republic. In 1696, this was replaced with a Civil Administrator in the person of Vüqar Rugahi, and amendments to the law granted them district representation in the Imperial Synkletos, as well as as an elected 24-member Advisory Council, elected by locals for a six-year term alongside national elections.


On 19.XII.1683, the Board of Directors of the Honorable Company ratified the expansion of the Imperial & Emirati Bank of Alalehzamin and Constancia via a branch in Zugashvili, as well as the branch expansion of the Imperial and Emirati Bank of the Sathrati Islands, also via a branch in Zugashvili.

At that same meeting, the construction of flaktowers and a ziggurat in Eklesian territory, as well as a new Residency office to complement the airport, were initiated.

Primary services, such as the provision of electricity, water and sewerage, solid waste management services, road construction and maintenance, as well as civil administration over the Zugashvili Airport were immediately bid out to the ESB Group in the absence of competitors, in 1695. The Eklesia Copper Corporation, 40% owned by the Government of the Ecclesiastical Mountain Republic, was also incorporated in 1695 under Constancian law, and immediately began mineral exploration and small-scale mining operations.

The Ecclesiastical Mountain Republic is subject to the same tax regime throughout the Imperial State of Constancia, as well as an annual head tax of one hundred Constancian Staters per adult (of 21 years to 60 years), which may be paid monthly or annually.


The Republic is represented in international football by its own national football team, which is recognised as an official successor team of Eklesia by the FMF.