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Imperial and Emirati Bank of the Sathrati Islands

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The Imperial and Emirati Bank of the Sathrati Islands is a universal and commercial bank and a provider of financial services to partners in government and industry, and serves as the local treasury and bank of government deposit, incorporated on 20.XII.1676. It is a subsidiary of the ESB Group. It has branches in Aqaba, Novi Nigrad, Erudition, Nordagaat, Nivardom, Bandar-e Saghi, Mehrshahr, Raspur City, and Mirran in the Zylenisi Dependency. It is administratively part of the ESB Benacian Directorate.

Azardokht al-Osman was appointed First Deputy Chair of the bank in 1677 by the Board of Directors of ESB-Jörmungandr Group, Inc.

An Autokratorial Decree of the Autokrator of Constancia bearing date 19.IV.1679 authorized it to accept deposits or to otherwise maintain custody of funds of the Imperial State of Constancia, its Government, and its instrumentalities, with prior approval from, and subject to subsequent rules issued by the Office of the Autokrator.

In light of the significant trade and economic disruption arising from the Scouring, it received a significant increase in deposits from the Benacian continent. In 1703, increased business opportunities with the reinvigorated Greater Elwynnese Airlines resuming operations, as well as the vote of confidence of the Benacian-Ransenari Advocacy Group caused the secretive Banca Credito Commercio Immobiliare, a banking house registered in the Imperial State of Constancia, to significantly invest, and increase its deposit in this bank as well.

Since 1708 AN the Imperial and Emirati Bank of the Sathrati Islands has been an esteemed provider of financial and discretionary services to the Congress of Chryse, when particularly when the supreme body of the Benacian Union is in formal session.

A long-time investor in Anzarolexion since its days in Elwynn, it now owns 2% of the Hurmu-domiciled samlag.

The fate of the bank was uncertain following the Sathrati Emergency (1730–1732).



First Deputy Chair: Azardokht al-Osman, 1677- 1709

Board of Directors: