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The city of Mehrshahr, situated amidst the ruins of the ancient Babkhan capital - Kamalshahr - and the Alexandrian colonial era township of New Berlin, was favoured by the Khans of Raspur as a showpiece for their ancestral Euran culture. Transferred to the sovereignty of the Surenid as part of the Fontainebleau Accords which brought the Confederacy into the Euran Economic Union and the Raspur Pact.

Presently the second largest city of the Surenid, the majority of the population being employed in the systematic excavation and remediation of the ruinous ancient city by the Industrial Archaeology Programme of the Honourable Company as well as the ambitious project to restore the Imperial Shahriyar Palace to condition of splendour it was famous for during the heyday of the Kapav Dynasty. As the city was outside of Babkhan control during the unfortunate events of 1598 AN the city was spared the worst of destruction and fallout that befell the continent. Such looting, destruction, and environmental degradation as occurred, came later. As such it is considered one of the more liveable cities of Eura.