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Committee of Euran Salvation

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Committee of Euran Salvation
Flag of
Headquarters Mehrshahr, Suren Confederacy
Official language(s) Babkhi  · Istvanistani
 - President Esmeralda al-Osman
 - General Secretary
 - Main assembly Committee of Euran Salvation
Establishment 1708 AN
Organisation website n/a
Organisation forum n/a

The Committee of Euran Salvation, established on 8.VI.1708 AN, is a multinational body representing the governments of Constancia, Suren, and Zeed, that is responsible for coordinating the defence, security, and foreign affairs of those Raspur Pact and Euran Economic Union member-states so as to better align with the requirements of the Trans-Euran Continental Theatre Command.

It is headquartered at Mehrshahr, but has representative offices in national capitals, as well as Fontainebleau, Nivardom, and within the EuraTower, situated in the Tapfer Plaza area of Aqaba.

Committee composition

Title Office Holder
Presidency of the Committee of Euran Salvation
Autokráteira of Constancia
Chief of Staff for Trans-Euran Command
Esmeralda al-Osman
Delegation of the Imperial State of Constancia
Mesazon Garvin Hendriksson
Minister of Defence Soterios Kostas
Stratárchis Demetrios Thesalonikis
Delegation of the Suren Confederacy
Astabadh Rashid Sanook
Euramehr Arteshbod Arben Bahramzadeh Khan
Mystikos Alexios Melas
Delegation of Raspur Pact-Occupied Zeed
High Representative of Trans-Euran Command Jost Grobba
Chief Secretary of the Allied Control Commission Erik Koeppen
Minister for the Interior Gianis Shamsuddin