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1724 Autokrator Iñigo.png
Full name
Iñigo Lorenzo Aloysius Shahnaz al-Osman Primo de Aguilar de Santiago-Santander
AKA Iñigo
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Other 1.6 m tall
Biographical information
Father Jaime Augustin Joaquin Primo de Aguilar
Mother Esmeralda al-Osman
Date of birth 5.II.1675 (56 AN years)
Place of birth Aqaba, Constancia
Residence(s) Molivadia, Constancia
Constancia Constancia
Natopia Natopia
Elwynn Elwynn
Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie
Hurmu Hurmu
Occupation royal

Iñigo Lorenzo Aloysius Shahnaz al-Osman Primo de Aguilar, more commonly known as Iñigo, was born on 5.II.1675 in Aqaba, Constancia. He is the eldest son and second child of Jaime Augustin Joaquin Primo de Aguilar, the Basileus Giakoumis, former Autokrator of Constancia and Prince of Molivadia, and his wife Esmeralda al-Osman, Princess of Arboria and Princess of Molivadia. Second cousin of the late Kaiser Ayreon IV; second cousin, once removed, from Kaiseress Salome.

He is currently Prince of Molivadia, Duke of Santiago in the Federation of Nouvelle Alexandrie, and Lord of Delfinenstrand. He was appointed Autokrator of Constancia immediately after the formal announcement of the death of his father the Basileus Giakoumis before the Imperial Synkletos on 18.II.1718.

Early life

As the eldest son of the paramount leader of the Imperial Constancian State and of royalty in his own right, he has had a sheltered childhood. Educated by a tutor since he was three years old, he has never left the Imperial State of Constancia until the Great Tour of 1687. Enrolled into the Dabirestân-e Andarûn at his mother's behest on his thirteenth birthday.


Enlisted as a Sarbaz in the 4th Syntagma, Merarhia Pezonauton (Marine Division), Sóma Pezikoú (Corps of Infantry) of the Imperial Constancian Army not long after his 16th birthday and graduation. Participant in the Razjania Maneuvers, where he was promoted to Ypodekaneas (Lance-Corporal) for leadership in battle. Entered the Aldurian Army Academy in 1691, with expected graduation in 1695.

On 8.VII.1688, Áþamé Issèla Mari Vāstra, Regent for the Prince of Whales, bestowed the lordship of Delfinenstrand in Whales on Prince Iñigo. Until Iñigo turns 25, his parents will manage the lordship for him.


Appointed to the Board of Directors of the Osman-Aguilar Holdings Corporation shortly after his 18th birthday.

On 15.VII.1693, it was announced that he was appointed to the Imperial Senate of the Imperial Synklētos of the Imperial State of Constancia, beginning with the 9th Imperial Synkletos on 14.I.1694. He did not physically attend sessions, but his written observations based on committee and plenary proceedings were taken into consideration in the development of policy, where he was known as an advocate for the better training and equipage of the Home Guard, and of the organization and formation of the youth into an active civic force for the further development of the capabilities and prestige of the Imperial State.

Commissioned an Anthypolochagos (2nd Lieutenant) in the Imperial Constancian Army on graduation from the Aldurian Army Academy in 12.II.1695. Invited by Jeremiah Avon-El to attend a special bespoke training programme, hosted by the Black Legions of the Unified Governorates of Benacia for the scions of members of the Humanist Vanguard and other scions of the leadership cadres of the Honourable Company and Raspur Pact. Over an intensive four week course (III.1695) Iñigo had been accorded the opportunity to excel in spiritual training and the hunt for insurgents in the Upland Confederation. Upon receipt of the Red Hand badge, appointed Draconarius of the N&H Regional Sector Party for Molivadia (15.IV.1695). (Secretly) deployed to duty in the Eklesia Protectorate on reconnaissance and border protection reinforcement duties in light of the Third Euran War, and off-duty Party strengthening work in the Protectorate. Also participated in Operation Northern Shield as part of the 501st Army, on duty at the Western Sector.

Appointed thereafter to the Council of Arboria and Council of Molivadia in 1696, with his sister, Rosamund. Promoted to Ypolochagos (1st Lieutenant) on his 21st birthday and given command of a reinforced Kentarchia (essentially a half-squadron) in the Princess Isabella's Own Volunteers Brigade, 1st Vanguard Division of the 506th (Molivadia Province) Home Guard Army shortly thereafter, with primary duties of providing security and rapid response along the western Molivadian Way towards the Petropolis construction site.

While never commented on within Constancian media or in official Constancian channels, ¡Oye Oye! scored a major international scoop in XIII.1696 when it posited that The Prince Iñigo of Molivadia and Arboria was father of a 6-year old child, and is likewise father to a daughter from another mother of Nouvelle Alexandrian nationality. Defamation litigation is ongoing.

Participated in Operation Paramount combat deployment as a Lochagos (Captain) in command of a Moíra of Horjin CV56 of the Motorised Infantry Regiment of the 1st Demi-Brigade of the Modan Brigade. Took part in the Battle of Madinat Shahifa. Present at the Burning of Madinat Kasul (Laziville) on 12.XII.1698. Part of the Imperial Constancian delegation to the Alcalá Conference as aide-de-camp to his father the Autokrator of Constancia.

Promoted to Tagmatarchis (Major) on 5.II.1700 and reassigned to the Military Household of the Autokrator but on temporary assignment as Military Attache to the Imperial Constancian Embassy, Shirekeep and Personal Representative of the Autokrator of Constancia to the Benacian Union. Promoted to Sarhang (Colonel) on his 27th birthday in 1702 and appointed Adjutant-General of the Military Household of the Autokrator.

Acclaimed Mesazon at the opening of the 11th Imperial Synkletos on 14.I.1704, and commanded by his mother the Basileusa and Autokrateira to lead the Imperial Constancian Government in the name of his father, the Basileus Giakoumis. Named Prince of Molivadia in his own right on his 30th birthday in the year 1705, and promoted to the substantive rank of Taxiarchos (Brigadier), and given effective command of the 506th Army (Molivadia Province) on the same day.

On 18.XIV.1706 AN Iñigo was promoted to the rank of Arteshbod (General) and appointed officer commanding of the Aqaba Banner Command, as a part of the Autokrateira's consolidation of control over the Trans-Euran Continental Theatre Command under the cover of Operation Landslide. Iñigo established his forward headquarters at Arete for the duration of the campaign.

Attending at the Shahyiar Palace in Mehrshahr on 11.XIII.1709 AN, Iñigo was presented with Amāstris of the Suren, the seventeen year old daughter of the late Surenshah, Dāryuš, who was gifted by her aunt Mitradokht. Finding her pleasing, the wedding contract between the houses of Santiago-Santanger and Suren was signed under the watchful eyes of the Autokráteira of Constancia, Esmeralda al-Osman, and the Committee of Euran Salvation. The ceremony of matrimony, to be conducted at Raspur, upon the payment of the agreed dowry, was to occur by no later than 1.I.1710 AN. This union produced issue in the form of Farrukhān in 1713 AN, and Kassandra Alexandra in 1715 AN.

His dismissal as Mesazon on 1.I.1710, and replacement by the venerable geriatric Garvin Hendriksson, was inexplicable to many observers - leading to rumours that it had been a consequence of his decision to accept the Surenid match when the Autokráteira had already selected another bride for her son.

Granted OF-10 commissions as Stratárchis (Field Marshal) in the Imperial Constancian Army, Grand Admiral of the Fleets in the Imperial Constancian Navy, and Marshal of the Imperial Constancian Air Force effective 18.II.1718, on the ascension of his mother as the Basilinna of the Imperial State of Constancia, before the public session of the Imperial Synkletos at Petropolis.


His current style is His Serene and Eminent Imperial Highness, The Prince Iñigo of Molivadia and Arboria, Autokrator of Constancia, Imperial Prince of Constancia, Prince of Molivadia, Duke of Santiago, Lord of Delfinenstrand, Knight of the Holy Lakes, Scion of the King of Kings, Imperial Senator

Also known as Shahnaz of Eura in Raspur and the Suren Confederacy.