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Our Holy Mountain Dominion of Eklesia (en)
ჩვენი წმინდა სამთო სამღვდელო ეკლესია (ge)
Flag of Eklesia
Coat of Arms of Eklesia
Coat of Arms
Motto: By God's Will
Anthem: Tavisupleba
Location of Eklesia
Map versions
Capital Zugashvili
Largest city Zugashvili
Official language(s) Georgian
Official religion(s) Eklesian Orthodox Church
Demonym Eklesian
 - Adjective Eklesian
Government Theocracy
 - Priest Konstantine Balanchivadze
 - Legislature
Population 87,500
Currency Eklesian shilling
Time zone(s)
Mains electricity
Driving side
Track gauge
National website
National forum
National animal
National food
National drink
National tree
Abbreviation EKL

Our Holy Mountain Dominion of Eklesia also known as Eklesia is a micronation in central Eura. Originally built from an ancient religious sect in Central Eura that spoke the ancient Georgian language, the local church established a state in the mountains that was accepted as a member of the MCS in 2017. The nation borders only the green, but is within the Raspurid sphere of influence.

Eklesia is a largely mountainous country in the central area of Eura lying north of Constancia and west of Raspur. The locals are a very religious bunch, and are virtually all adherents of the national church.

The country countains the summit of the super volcano, Mt Duranian, which is the largest mountain on Eura.

Foreign relations

Eklesia has limited foreign relations, mainly due to its geographic isolation from much of the rest of the world. It had mainly relied on aid from Senya to exist, before obtaining a treaty with Raspur to grow economic links with its Euran neighbour. Following a deterioration in the security situation on the Euran continent Eklesia sought the safety of closer association with the Raspur Pact, a process which culminated in formal accession to the pact in late 1666 with ratification of the treaty following early on in the following year.

In accordance with the provisions of the Raspur Pact, the external defense and territorial integrity of Eklesia rest primarily upon the Raspur Pact and the Imperial Constancian Government. There were territorial disputes with the Suren Confederacy, but these were amicably resolved with the Fontainebleau Accords.

Eklesia became a protectorate and an autonomous territory of the Imperial State of Constancia effective 1.I.1692. [1] By 1694 AN it was being referred to in Constancian official correspondence as the Ecclesiastical Mountain Republic.