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Daniyal Nelzadeh Arsalani

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Daniyal Nelzadeh Arsalani-Kaliriyun, Lord Baron of Varmland (Elw: Daniel Naelion Aireoon-Kalirion), born in Eliria in 1518, and died in an airplane accident over Eura in 1574, was an Elwynnese and Babkhan nobleman, and the son of Emir Rashid Karyandzadeh and his Elw wife Nael Vidarion.

He grew up in Elwynn until the age of 10, when Daniyal's grandfather became Shah of Babkha. As a member of the Imperial Court he was raised by mandarins (his father was often absent), and educated in the Harmonious Society. Not as pragmatic as others in his family, he was among the few members of the Court who opposed Elwynnese independence in 1567. He saw it as an affront to order, hierarchy and social harmony.

Between 1570 and 1573, Daniyal travelled extensively throughout both West and East Elwynn. He published his travel memoirs in 1573 (Whithering West, Rising East), a treatise which criticised both West and East Elwynn for lack of social harmony, but offered the view that the East was more suitable to be organized under the principles of the Harmonious Society. The book was soon suppressed by his family, but it brought attention to the Simrani clan. Invited by the pater familias Hudinan Peshobay Jalil Simrani, Daniyal stayed in Azshara until the end of 1573. During that time, he and the Simrani daughter, Noor bint Jalil, began courting, and planned to marry later the same year. He travelled back to Babkha in the winter of 1574 to discuss the relation with his father. The father was reluctant to give his blessings to the marriage. The two of them died on a plane trip to Kamalshahr in 1574 before they could reach reconciliation on the matter. Noor bint Jalil gave birth to Daniyal's son two weeks later, whom she named Daniyal after the father.