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Council of Molivadia

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The Council of Molivadia is a body of advisers for counsel regarding the good and proper government of the Principality of Molivadia.

Created by Decree of the Prince of Molivadia bearing date at Government House, Principality of Molivadia 16.X.1667, it was convened at pleasure. It is presided over by a Lord President in the absence of the Prince of Molivadia, and served by a Chancellor who serves as Secretary to the Council and chief administrator. The quorum of the Council is three members, with the Prince of Molivadia included in such quorum.

By tradition, the Minister for Molivadia of the Imperial Government serves as Lord President. Alexios Paxos served as Lord President from 1667-1671. Augustus Mirkdale served as Lord President from 1671-1686. Toghemur Ghazan served as Lord President from 1686-1694. Sürreya Tahsin, appointed Minister for Molivadia on 13.I.1694, is the incumbent Lord President.

Effective 17.XII.1676, it was reconstituted to seven members and commanded to meet twice a month in closed session to provide counsel to the Prince of Molivadia on the policy, proposed laws, and government of the Principality of Molivadia.

The Council of Molivadia was reconstituted once more, the day after Iñigo was named Prince of Molivadia in his own right on his 30th birthday, by his father the Basileus Giakoumis, on 6.II.1705.

Members of the Council of Molivadia

File Photograph Appointee Other Designations Notes Term of Office
Her Imperial Highness The Princess Olympia Princess of Nivardom
Imperial Senator
16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Geórgios Maniakes
  • Imperial Marshal
  • Baron Phelixia
  • Imperial Senator
  • Delegate of the Raspur Pact Parliamentary Assembly
16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Nikola Stavridis Mesazon, 1667- 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Alexios Paxos Minister for Molivadia, 1667- 1671 16.X.1667 - 13.I.1671
Basil Tzimiskes Speaker, 1667- 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Demetrios Thesalonikis Imperial Senator 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Sarah Dravot Imperial Senator
Chairman, ESB-Jörmungandr Group, Inc
16.X.1667 -
File:Merrick 1645-2214.png Garvin Hendriksson Imperial Senator
Director of Benacian Operations, ESB-Jörmungandr Group, Inc
16.X.1667 -
Spiridon Bagration Minister of the Imperial Court, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Constantine Welleys Minister of the Imperial Household, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Athanasia Demetria Foreign Minister, 1667 - 1671 16.X.1667 - 13.I.1671
Soterios Kostas Minister of Defense, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Guglimundo Kupras Minister of Munitions and Military Logistics, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Mikhail Souvlakis Minister of Finance and International Trade and Industry, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Ahmeras Dekalion Minister for Budget and Management, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Heinrich Scholl Minister for Labor and Employment, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Zenaida Arnhus Minister for Education, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Sapphira Demopoulou Minister of the Interior and Local Government, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Elutherios Raktivan Minister of Justice and Immigration, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Mirrita Panagopoulou Minister of Energy, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Viljo Kaljurand Minister for Reconstruction and Infrastructure, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Andrea Pandes Minister for Public Health, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Alexandros Kriezis Minister for Civil Defense, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Cifras Kuroumboulis Minister for Transportation, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Apolyon Marinakis Minister of Maritime, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Theodosious Lakksim Minister for Information and Communications, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Kalyar Podesta Minister for Science, Technology, and Innovation, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Theodora Kostopoulou Minister for Housing, Resettlement and Social Welfare, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Aretina Rossou Minister for Women, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Antares Papadakis Minister for Veterans, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Hercules Nikolaides Minister for Youth, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Stefanos Themistoklis Minister for Aqabah, 1667 - 16.X.1667 - 17.XII.1676
Daniyal ibn Daniyal Simrani-Kalirion Prince of Modan 21.IV.1668 - 17.XII.1676
Azardokht al-Osman Foreign Minister, 1671 - 13.I.1671 - 17.XII.1676
Clarissa Moor Minister for Social Welfare, 1671 - 13.I.1671 - 17.XII.1676
Augustus Mirkdale Minister for Molivadia, 1671 - 13.I.1671 - 17.XII.1676
Samira al-Osman Minister for Raspur, 1671 - 13.I.1671 - 17.XII.1676
Her Serene and Eminent Imperial Highness Esmeralda al-Osman Princess of Molivadia
Director of Euran Operations, ESB-Jörmungandr Group, Inc
13.I.1671 -
Klaus Pasternak Secretary to the Board of Directors, ESB-Jörmungandr Group, Inc 13.I.1671 -
Matthäus Koeppen Imperial Senator 13.I.1671 -
Sebastiano Gianakos Imperial Senator 13.I.1671 -
Toghemur Ghazan Minister for Molivadia 13.I.1686 -
Princess Rosamund Imperial Senator 5.II.1696 -
Prince Iñigo Imperial Senator 5.II.1696 -