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Samira al-Osman

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Samira al-Osman
Samira al-Osman II.png
Physical information
Species Human
Race Agnesian/Babkhi
Gender Female
Hair color and style Black
Eye color xxx
Skin color xxx
Biographical information
Date of birth Vijayanagara
Constancia Constancia
Raspur Raspur
Shireroth Shireroth

Years of service

Long-serving functionary of the Raspur Pact.

Born 1641, daughter of Tokaray al-Osman and Miranda Simrani-Kalirion. Mother of Ayesha Guadalim, Alissa Guadalim, and Mariyam Guadalim.

17th in line to the succession of the Emirati Order of Succession. Married to Justin Guadalim. Appointed Governor of So-Sara in 1663. Granted asylum and citizenship in the Imperial State of Constancia, residence in the Principality of Molivadia in 1668. Special Assistant to the Director of Euran Operations of ESB and minor administrative and liaison work with the Raspurid Government, 1668-1671. Appointed Minister for Raspur in the Imperial Constancian Government and concurrent Civil Administrator for Raspur from 1671 to 1689. Appointed to the Imperial Senate in 1680. Ambassador to Elwynn & Special Envoy of the House of Osman in Alalehzamin in 1681. In 1686, was appointed the directing magistra of the Defence Against Anomalous Phenomena Command of the Raspur Pact.

Appointed President of the Transegale Trading Company of Elluenuueq, Inc. in 1685.

Having attained the age of seventy-six in 1717 AN, she tendered her formal resignation from the DAAP to the Joint Military Council of the Raspur Pact in that same year.