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House of Osman

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House of Osman
Royal family
Coat of arms
Country Babkha
Place of origin Raspur
Founded 1457 AN
Founder Sarhang Artaxerxes
Current head
  • Dāryuš Shah (Raspurid)
  • Aurangzeb Tokaraizadeh al-Osman (Benacian)
Titles Shahanshah, Khan, Emir
Styles His/Her Imperial Majesty
His/Her Royal Highness
Motto "Find your Peace in Strife."
Deposition 1598 Babkhan Holocaust
  • Benacian
  • Raspurid

A Sxiro-Babkhan noble house, comprised of the descendants of a certain Sarhang Artaḥšásta (Artaxerxes), related by intermarriage to the Shirerithian dynasties of Steffki and Kalirion. The Euran branch provides the ruling family of a city state whilst the Benacian branch is chiefly noted for its investments in various enterprises.