Aldin Ayreon-Kalirion

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Not to be confused with Zahīr ud-Dīn

Zahir al Din Benjamin Rai Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine, almost always known as Aldin, (born 1630, died in 1716 aged 86 AN years, was a Shirerithian prince and Bovic cleric (Pentheros, 1637–1665).

Born in 1630 as the second-eldest among the quadruplet sons of Kaiseress Noor and her late husband (and former Natopian emperor) Nathaniel. The eldest of these, Prince Adam, killed the two younger ones (Arn and Rostam). As such, Prince Aldin was the only surviving son of Kaiseress Noor.

He was elected the Pentheros, or supreme head, of the Dozan Bovic Church in 1637, at the tender age of 7.

He was married to Li Naomiai. He had two children with her, David, and Abigail. In 1716, he died peacefully surrounded by his wife and children. A private funeral was held in Athlon, where he was buried according to Bovic rites.


Zahir al Din is Babkhanized Arabic for "the manifestation of the faith" and honours Aldin's Babkhi roots (on both parents' side) as well as his faith, Bovinism, to which the name refers. Aldin, the name he goes by, is also a common Hurmu name, meaning "the old (i.e. wise) one", which also reflects his Hurm roots. Benjamin honours the cousin Benjamin (son of Jonathan) who died in infancy. Rai is a traditional Elw name, mostly associated with Rai Avon-El, and honours Aldin's Elwynnese roots.

His surname is composed of three parts: Ayreon-Kalirion, of the one dynastic house he belongs to, ibn al-Majeed bin Sathrati for his association with the emirate of Sathrati and the Simrani branch, and Waffel-Paine for his Natopian dynastic house.

Titles and positions


  • 1637–1665: Pentheros
  • 1665–1716: Pentheros Emeritus


Styled imperial highness, his titles at death were: Prince of Shireroth, Marquess of Sentratera, the Count of Macon Rapids, Lord in Jorvik, Knight of the Holy Lakes, Progeny of the Once-Living God, Scion of the King of Kings.

He has previously held the following titles:

  • Ruler of the Pentheral State of Athlon
  • Prince of the Princely Isle
  • Prince of the Elwynnese Republic (1658–1661)
  • Count of Yardistan
  • Shahzade Bey of Aurum


  • Childhood
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Election to Pentheros
  • Tale of Two Brothers
    • Death of Arn and Rostam
    • Adam's culpability
    • Adam in Athlon
    • Adam and Aldin in Athlon
    • Noor visit
    • Asara visit, kidnapping
    • Adam in Ura'Bos, visited by Noor and Aldin. Adam kills Noor, Aldin kills Adam.
  • Grief. Nephew stuff. Seeing someone.


He was invested as Grand Knight Commander of the Order of the Royal Blood in the 1692 New Year's Investiture of the Imperial State of Constancia.