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Kaiseress Noor

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Kaiseress Noor
Noor as-Salaam bint Daniyal Umra Suleiman Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati Umm Zahir al-Din of Waffel-Paine
Noor 1644.jpeg
Former Kaiser of Shireroth
Began 8.XIV.1644 (elected by Landsraad)
Ended 15.IV.1650 (death)
Predecessor Landsraad rule
Successor Kaiser Ayreon IV

Regent or Ruling Steward see above
Imperial Bloodline Ayreon-Kalirion
Physical description
Species Human
Race Babkhi
Hair color and style Long brown-to-black hair
Eye color Green
Skin color White
Biographical information
Father Daniel Simrani-Kalirion
Mother Fatima al-Osman


Date of birth 1604
Place of birth Ardashirshahr
Date of death 15.IV.1650 (murdered)
Place of death Ura'Bos

Noor as-Salaam bint Daniyal Umra Suleiman Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati Umm Zahir al-Din of Waffel-Paine (born as Noor bint Daniyal Umra Suleiman Simrani-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed bin Sathrati in Ardashirshahr, 1604, died (murdered) in Ura'Bos, 1650) was the Kaiseress of Shireroth from 1644 until her murder in 1650. She was also Queen of Goldshire (1635–1650) and the Elian Lands (1644–1650), Emira of Sathrati (1633– 1650), and was, through her marriage to King Noah (in 1633), the Queen consort of Elwynn and of Uppland until her death. Her marriage, however, was following the revelations of the Auspicious Occasion, declared annulled in 1656.

She was succeeded to the kaisership by her grandson Vidar who ascended the throne as Kaiser Ayreon IV.

For more information, see the Shirewiki article on her.




Period Picture Right Comment
1604–1624 Arms Ayreon-Kalirion10.png As a member House and Imperial Bloodline of Ayreon-Kalirion, abandoned in 1524
1624–1650 Arms Alalehzamin and Utasia.png As Emira of Alalehzamin and Utasia
1633–1635 Arms Ayreon-Kalirion Goldshire.png As Grand Duchess of Goldshire
1633–1650 Arms Zy-Rodun2.png As Emira of Sathrati and Marchioness of Zy-Rodun
1635–1650 Arms Ayreon-Kalirion Goldshire.png As Queen of Goldshire
1633–1650 Arms Cape Farewell5.png As Countess of Cape Farewell
1639–1650 Arms Zy-Rodun2.png As Duchess of Istvanistan
1644–1650 Shirewikiheader1.png As Kaiseress of Shireroth


Preceded by:
Landsraad Rule (de jure)
Kaiseress of Shireroth
Succeeded by
Kaiser Ayreon IV
Preceded by:
Emira of Sathrati
Succeeded by
Kaiser Ayreon IV
Preceded by:
Ryker Everstone
Grand Duchess of Goldshire
Succeeded by
herself as Queen
Preceded by:
herself as Grand Duchess
Queen of Goldshire
Succeeded by
Kaiser Ayreon IV
Preceded by:
Lord Erion as Chancellor
Acting Chancellor of Natopia
Succeeded by
Benjamin Meir as Chancellor
Preceded by:
Nathaniel Ayreon-Kalirion
Marchioness of Zy-Rodun
Succeeded by
Vidar Ayreon