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Kyle Kilynn

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Imperial and Royal House of Waffel-Paine
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Emperor of the Natopians: Nathan I, Nathaniel, Naian, Asara, Zakyyr, Nathan II, Nathan III, Vadoma
Kaiser of Shireroth: Ayreon II, Noor, Ayreon IV, Salome
Prince of Elwynn: Nathan, Erion, Ayreon II, Nathaniel, Aldin
King of Drak-Modan: Nathan II

Founder: Nathan Waffel-Paine

Current Avatar: Nathan II

Kyle Kilynn
Full name Kyle Kilynn of Waffel-Paine
AKA none
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color and style Black hair
Eye color Brown
Skin color White
Biographical information
Father Kaiser Sehml
Mother Kizzy Drakland
Date of birth 1617
Place of birth Demonsfall, Goldshire
Date of death 1656
Place of death Demonsfall, Goldshire
Residence(s) Anmutstadt, Tassity, Demonsfall, Marmont, Shirekeep
Nationality Shirerithian
Allegiance(s) Natopia, Shireroth
Occupation MiniEx

Kyle Kilynn of Waffel-Paine (born in Demonsfall, 1617, died in Demonsfall, 1656) was the first ruling Steward during Ayreon IV's regency.

Son of Kaiser Sehml and Kaiseress Kizzy. Steward of Shireroth (since 1648, ruling Steward 1650-51). Married to Asara Waffel-Paine. Count of Ynnraile. Heir to the Line of Drak. His son was Nathan Anders Aharsi and serves as his regent and guardian. Also guardian, ex officio as Steward of Shireroth, of Ayreon IV until the kaiser's majority. Imperial Minister of the Interior, 1645–1648.

Kyle was born sometime in 1617. His mother gave him up for adoption at birth in Demonsfall and he lived at an orphanage in Ransenar until he was old enough to join a colony ship as an indentured servant heading to Neridia. He lived in Redquill for several years working in construction until Neridia's collapse. When Neridia was restored, he settled in Marmont where he was made Count of Mertfray. He inherited his mother's estate and titles when she died and he became Duke of Ynnraile as well. He was introduced to Asara on her 18th birthday and they were wed after a period of courtship and stayed married until she was murdered in 1647. Fathered with her Nathan Anders Aharsi (b. 1644) and Clara Sundara (b. 1646).

Full Titles

His Grace, Kyle Kilynn of Waffel-Paine, Duke of New Dracoheim, Elector of the Grand Council of the Most Serene Union, Count of Mertfray, Count of Ynnraile, Heir to the Line of Drak and Head of House Kilynn