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Nathan Waffel-Paine

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Nathan Waffel-Paine
Full name Nathan Waffel-Paine
  • Nathan Shepherd
  • Elwynn Nathan Dariolin
  • Athlon Theodores Athanatos
  • Stormark Sighard Gafolgyld
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color and style Short, dark brown
Eye color Brown
Skin color White
Other Was made of butter after 1590
Biographical information
Father Ædwynne Shepherd
Mother Jayna Lindenstream
Date of birth 1455 AN
Place of birth Lindstrom, Natopia
Date of death
  • 1589 (shot)
  • 1607 (melted)
Place of death
  • Eliria
  • Lindstrom
Nationality Natopian
Allegiance(s) Natopia Natopia
Nathan Waffel-Paine
Nathan Dariolin-Kalirion of Waffel-Paine
Former Senator of Elwynn and Senator of the Lakes
Waffel-Paine CoA.png
Tenure began 1574
Tenure ended 1589
Senate(s) IV
Physical description
Gender Male
Race Treesian
Biographical information
Spouse(s) Kaiser Ayreon II
Children Naian

Nathan Waffel-Paine (born Nathan Lindenstream Shepherd in 1455) was a long-lived Natopian and Elwynnese statesman, who was Emperor of Natopia until 1557, Duke of Elwynn (c.1552-1555), and Prince of Elwynn (1586-1589). While in Elwynn, Nathan adopted the surname Dariolin (he was briefly known as Sigurd of Ettlingar Freyu during the Froyalan days). While in Athlon, and while fulfilling his duties as Pentheros of the Bovic Church, he used the name Theodores Athanatos. In Stormark he adopted the name Sighard Gafolgyld. He had two sons, Nathaniel Ayreon-Kalirion (adopted with husband Elijah), and Naian Moonoak (sired with Guinevere Moonoak).


Early Life

Nathan was the only son of Ædwynne Shepherd (1420-1500) and Jaynae Shepherd (née Lindenstream) (1425-1505). He was born somewhere near present-day Lindstrom before the arrival of Nett Opaegh. His paternal family can trace its origin back to Mehl shepherds and farmers on Yellow Island. His maternal family has distant Elfinshi and Draconian connections. He was 16 when the city-state of Nett Opaegh's Awe (Natopia City) was founded in 1471 and joined the civic government soon after. He worked in the domestic affairs department as an architect and engineer, helping to design the city's earliest buildings. He researched the Jasonian anti-grav technology smuggled away from the Flying Islands by Nett Opaegh. This research was instrumental in allowing Opaegh to outfit several important civic buildings with limited anti-grav capabilities. The massive energy requirements resulted in constant steam and smoke, resulting in the city's early nick-name The Floating City. This limited levitation was used to impress or frighten the various other inhabitants of Yellow Island (the Andi, Hazel, Haas, and Neemites) and caused them all to ally or become subjugated to the city-state. Nathan's experience would later allow him to found Dingo Enterprises, which was responsible for Lindstrom's architectural designs and the designs used for Natopia's Spacefleet.

Political Career

In 1488, Nett Opaegh died without leaving a designated Presidential heir. Nathan, who had risen to the position of Minister of Domestic Affairs, met with two other government officials, Aaron the Commander of the Military, and Joel the Minister of Foreign Affairs at a small bar in Natopia City known as the Black Hole Bar and began to conspire how to resolve this succession crisis. It was agreed to create a five-branch government, and to invite leaders of the other Yellow Island tribes to form a new government. Nathan's role was determined to become Grand Chancellor, and he served in this role until 1506.

Nathan's tenure as Grand Chancellor culminated in the Venerable Union of Aligned States, a political merger between Natopia, Lavalon, Faronia, and New Germany, that left Natopia as the senior partner. Nathan had been working for months within Lavalon's government as Chief Justice, and guiding policy with a branch of the Free Juice and Bagels Party. The merger was proposed at a time when Lavalonian activity was low, and Natopian activity was high and met with initial excitement in both nations. However, mere weeks after the union was ratified, the Lavalonian judiciary (from which Nathan had recently resigned from) declared the merger illegal and removed itself from the merger.

Beginnings of Natopian Royalty

Partly in response to the collapse of VUAS, Nathan proclaimed an end to the Natopian Republic and assumed the title of King in 1506. Several years later, due to rapid expansion, Nathan became Sovereign Natopian Emperor in 1508.

First Marriage

Nathan was married to William for a brief time before William's death. William was from Cerulea. They adopted no children.

The family of Nathan is very hard to discern. As he lived a very long time most of it has been buried under the weight of history. When Nathan came to rule Athlon during Athlon's very first years he took on the Greek patronymic naming convention, "Theodores Piotesanthropou Dozes" which alludes to the name of his father: "Piotesanthropou" which in early Natopian was written as AEdwynne. His mother, Jaynae was mentioned briefly in the very early records. They would have had his old family name, Shepherd, and not the dynastic name he chose for himself (Waffel-Paine, which itself has no bearing on the family's origin). He had no siblings, hence his ruling name epithet "Nathan the Only."

Imperial and Royal House of Waffel-Paine
New DIL Flaventia Arms.png

Emperor of the Natopians: Nathan I, Nathaniel, Naian, Asara, Zakyyr, Nathan II, Nathan III, Vadoma
Kaiser of Shireroth: Ayreon II, Noor, Ayreon IV, Salome
Prince of Elwynn: Nathan, Erion, Ayreon II, Nathaniel, Aldin
King of Drak-Modan: Nathan II

Founder: Nathan Waffel-Paine

Current Avatar: Nathan II

His entire family is ethnically Mehl, except for his grandmother who is Elfinshi. Before Nett Opaegh, there were no written records among the ethnic Mehl so we see a very sudden modernization take place over only a few generations. Beyond these immediate family members whose birth and death dates could have been written down from verbal records, any other ancestors are lost to pre-history.

Married to William Strauss from 1548 to 1559 when it was annulled by the Pentheros.

Second Marriage

Nathan was then married to Elijah Ayreon from 1588 until Elijah's death in 1598. He did not remarry.

He has two children: Naian Moonoak (sired with Guinevere Moonoak) and Nathaniel Ayreon-Kalirion (adopted with Elijah Ayreon).

Life in Elwynn

Nathan served as the 21st and 30th ruler of Elwynn, first as a duke and second as Prince of sovereign Elwynn.

Nathan died on the floor of the Elwynnese Senate in 1589, taking a bullet intended to assassinate his husband, Elijah.

Resurrection and Melting

Nathan was, however, resurrected as a being made of pure butter. His second life was haunted by the fact that he was now a divine entity. This caused his reign to tend towards instability, and eventually decay and insanity. He melted in 1607, aged 152, finally allowed to die permanently.


Plumbley's Who's Who of Gotzborg Entry

Mr. Nathan Waffel-Paine, O.E.

Plumbley's Who's Who of Gotzborg
Nathan Waffel-Paine
Line break2.png
Personal Arms
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Personal Medals
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Title Mr.
Full Name Nathan Waffel-Paine
Immigrated May 4, 2006

Titles, Awards & Decorations

  1. Officer of The Most Honourable Order of the Eagle (O.E.) (July 18, 2006);

Government Service

  1. Vice-Minister of State for the Foreign Office, Western Bureau (May 8, 2006 - August 26, 2006);
  2. Vice-Minister of State for Justice (October 26, 2006 - April 22, 2007);

Military Service


No records available.


No records available.

Police Service


No records available.


No records available.

Other Service

No records available.

Notable Contributions

  1. Founder of business, Dingo Enterprises (May 8, 2006);

Preceded by:
Nett Opaegh as City President
Grand Chancellor, King, Sovereign Natopian Emperor
Succeeded by
Brian Capelle as President
Preceded by:
Brian Capelle as President
Bovic Emperor of Natopia
Succeeded by
Konrad von Zeck
Preceded by:
Butter Bull as Lord of Natopia
Sovereign of Natopia, Chancellor of the Dominion
Succeeded by
Christo Eucalyptos as Chancellor of the Dominion
Preceded by:
Andrew Allot
Duke of Elwynn
Succeeded by
Leo Fenrir
Preceded by:
Daniel Kalirion
Prince of Elwynn, Amokolia and Hurmu
Succeeded by
Aurangzeb Osmani as Regent
Preceded by:
William Strauss
Chancellor of the Frenzy
Succeeded by
Christo Eucalyptos
Preceded by:
Himself as Prince of Elwynn, Amokolia and Hurmu
Prince among the Lakes
Line of Waffel-Paine

Succeeded by
Preceded by:
Erik Coyotl Mortis
Primate of the Small Commonwealth
Succeeded by
Balarak Alaion
Preceded by:
Balarak Alaion
Primate of the Small Commonwealth
Succeeded by
Christo Eucalyptos