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Kaiser Ayreon II

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Kaiser Ayreon II
Elijah Danielion Ayreon-Dariolin of Waffel-Paine
Former Kaiser of Shireroth
Began 1588
Ended 1589 (abdicated)
Predecessor Kaiser Hasan II
Successor Kaiser Wythe

Imperial Bloodline Ayreon-Kalirion
Physical description
Gender Male
Race Babkhi-Hurmu
Biographical information
Father Daniel Kalirion
Mother Sara Rikjudottir Isammaður
Spouse(s) Nathan Dariolin (m. 1588)
Issue Nathaniel Ayreon-Kalirion (adopted)
Date of birth 1571
Place of birth Huyenkula, Hurmu
Date of death 1598 (murdered)
Place of death Walstadt
Resting place Elijah's Rest
Kaiser Ayreon II
Former Senator of Elwynn and Senator of the Lakes
Tenure began 1589
Tenure ended 1598
Senate(s) IV
Physical description
Biographical information

Elijah Danielion Ayreon-Dariolin of Waffel-Paine (Elw: Елиас Даниелион Аериоон-Дариолин Уофел-Пейн, Elias Danielion Aerioon-Dariolin Uofel-Peyn; born in Huyenkula in 1571, died at Wahlstadt in 1598, aged 27), was Kaiser of Shireroth (1588–1589) as Kaiser Ayreon II, and Prince of Elwynn (1590–1592, 1592–1597) and of Wahlstadt (1595–1597).

Background and childhood

Elijah belonged for the purposes of Elwynnese and Shirerithian genealogy to the Line of Ayreon-Kalirion. He is the son of Daniel Kalirion (1542-1586) and Sara Rikjudottar Isamabanzins of Hurmu (1547-1571). He had one sister, Esther (1565-1618).

Elijah was born in Hurmu when his father was prince there, two years before Hurmu and Elwynn would join each other in a union. His mother, Sara, died while giving birth to him. Elijah was brought up the first nine years of his life in Hurmu. His mother’s uncle, Eirik, was on a business trip to Shireroth and Elijah had asked to join him. They visited Shirekeep and then ventured to Goldshire and Wintergleam] on a holiday in 1585. The plan was that they would then go to Free Elwynn and meet Daniel there. But Eirik was killed (no one knows by whom) and Elijah was put in care by friends of Daniel. East Elwynnese authorities had refused to hand Elijah over to Daniel's care. Less than a year later, Daniel was assassinated at Cape Farewell.

Elijah became officially a ward of the feudal Duchy. He was transferred to a quiet household, in the outskirts of Vijayanagara, led by Hyperborean men. He fell in love with a neighbouring boy, Eldore, who was, during this time, Elijah's only consolation.

Due to Hyperborean influence, Elijah was forced to seek the kaisership of Shireroth (probably as a counter-weight to free Elwynn). Instead, another Hyperborean became kaiser (Hasan II) hinting at an internal power-struggle within the "Shining Garden".

When knowledge of this reached Babkhan authorities, in 1587, the Raspur Government flew elite soldiers to Elijah's Hyperborean household. Calling it a "rescue", the Babkhans "accidently" killed everyone in the household (including the neighbour Eldore). The plan was to bring Elijah to Babkha for reeducation, but, in the quirks of fate, he was brought to Cape Farewell. Here, he met Nathan Dariolin, the Prince of Elwynn, befriending him.

Nathan and Elijah became good friends and fell in love with each other. Strangely, Kaiser Hasan II of Shireroth abdicated to Elijah, and Elijah moved -- somewhat reluctantly -- to Shirekeep where he took on the kaisership as Ayreon II.


As kaiser, Elijah tried to liberalize the feudalism and achieve better relations between Shirekeep and Eliria. The "duke" of (east) Elwynn, Balârak Âlaion, was deeply suspicious of the "Eliria-loving kaiser" and took every chance to protest against Elijah.

Elijah and Prince Nathan married each other in the Unorthodox Cathedral in Eliria in 1588, prompting wide-spread protests in feudal Elwynn. The news were warmly welcomed in most other parts of Shireroth. Elijah's husband was named "His Niftiness the Imperial Consort, Nathan of Huyenkula", while the Senate in Eliria reciprocated by electing Elijah a honorary Senator.

In the then-divided city of Tielion Loki (today's Ardashirshahr), Elijah and Nathan built a palace, called the Palace of Union. The southern half of the palace was built in Shireroth and the northern half in Elwynn. The couple's bedroom was exactly on the border.

The reign of Ayreon II saw the acquisition of Safiria as a protectate and the transformation of Greater Lakhesia to the Shirerithian protectorate of Sanilla. He initiated a constitutional committee for determining the future direction of Shireroth. This probably lay the foundations for the 'Lich Charter' in the reign of Kaiseress Mira Raynora Major.

During a Senate meeting, in which most of the Senate was present (including Elijah), Kaspar Soleimân, the heir to Daniel's estate, took the Senate hostage (with soldiers from his emirati household in Babkha). In the midst of all chaos, Elijah saw his husband brutally murdered by Soleimân's men. Following the liberation of the Senate, Elijah abdicated the Shirerithian throne and defected to free Elwynn where he was elected Prince of Elwynn in 1590.


In 1590 Elijah Ayreon requested the Batavian nationality, claiming that his father Daniel loved the nation. Elijah took residence in Barbary. The South Batavian state chamber included Elijah Ayreon in the South Batavian patriarchate in the same year and awarded him control over the landgraviate Barbary. In the ceremony that followed, Elijah Ayreon took the following oath:

"Als burggraaf van Barbarije beloof ik dat ik tegen elke prijs mijn nieuwe vaderland het Groothertogdom Zuidbatavië zal beschermen tegen buitenlandse en binnenlandse vijanden en dat ik Germania's Woede die ik in mijn aderen voel vloeien over hen uit zal storten. De Heilige Kerk van Cato zal ik beschermen en de Groothertog dienen."

Greencard elijah.png

"As viscount of Barbary, I promise that I will defend my new fatherland, the Grand Duchy of South Batavia against foreign and domestic enemies, and at all cost. That I feel the rage of Germania flowing in my veins and that I will pour this rage over the enemies of South Batavia. I will defend the Holy Church of Cato and I will serve the Grand Duke."

Historians sometimes dispute that this oath was fully upheld.

Leader of Elwynn

Nathan reanimated.

First princeship of Elwynn.


Second princeship

Cabbage psychosis


New elections


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- Natopian invasion - Brought to Natopia – Elijah's Rest


Preceded by:
Kaiser Hasan II‎
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by
Wythe I
Preceded by:
Daniel Kalirion
Viscount Audon of Varmland
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Daniel Kalirion
Baron of Saint Churchill and the Virgin Islands
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Aurangzeb Osmani‎ (as regent)
Prince of Elwynn
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Aaden Allot
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Luix Rakira (as steward)
Prince of Elwynn
Succeeded by
Jacobus Loki de facto, Tarjei Einhornsson, de jure
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Position created
Prince of Kujirashi-Walstadt
Succeeded by
Sisera bat Erasmus