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Balarak Alaion

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Balarak Alaion (also Balarak Alaiaon, Balârak Âlaion), born 1552 in Dragonskeep, died 1603 during the Cabbage Crisis, was the leader, "Duke of Elwynn" (1587–1600), of Shirerithian East Elwynn during the time of Elwynnese independence, a period which in the East was termed "the thousand-year hate". Largely seen in Elwynn as a pawn of the Shining Garden. Educated in law at Metzler University. For a time, Minister of Military Affairs, and Arbiter of the Judex (1594–1603). Candidate in the Kaiser elections of 1600. Fell ill from brassicosis in 1602, and died the following year aged 49.

Preceded by:
Nathan Waffel-Paine
Primate of the Small Commonwealth
Succeeded by
Nathan Waffel-Paine