Tuuler Kalir

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Tuuler Kalir (1420-1512), also known as Princess Isa of Brookshire or Isa Raynor, is the progenitress of the Imperial Bloodline of Ayreon-Kalirion and the Imperial House of the same name. Among her descendants are, among others, a Shah of Babkha, several Kaisers of Shireroth and Rulers of Elwynn.

Tuuler was the daughter of Prince Paul of Brookshire and his wife Sora Kalir of Hyperborea.

She had a younger brother: Prince Kian of Brookshire who later in life moved to Hyberborea where he took the Hyperborean name of Kalir Sethan and quickly rose to the membership of the Council of Nine, becoming the fifth-youngest Elder ever. Several years after that he became Kaiser of Shireroth as Los I as well as the progenitor of the Imperial Bloodline of Kalir.